Army takes ‘strong exception’ to attempts made to drag its leadership in political discourse: ISPR – Pakistan


The Army has taken a “strong stand” to “deliberately and deliberately” draw its name from the country’s ongoing political rhetoric “other political leaders, journalists and analysts”, according to a report released by Inter Services Public Relations. ISPR) on Sunday.

The military news agency noted that efforts to engage the armed forces and their supreme leadership in political dialogue “have been exposed directly, indirectly or explicitly by political leaders, a few journalists and analysts on various social forums and forums, including social media.”

“These unsubstantiated, insulting and offensive statements / statements are extremely damaging,” said ISPR.

He added that the military was taking strong action against “illegal and illegal activities” and expected everyone to abide by the law and pull out armed forces in political debates as “the best interests of the country”.

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The ISPR report did not specify which event or events it was referring to. However, it is worth mentioning here that Punjab Governor Omar Sarfraz Cheema sought military intervention to lead the province into a crisis that has plagued us for months even though armed forces repeatedly repeatedly pushed into the country’s political swamp.

On Thursday, the governor wrote a letter to the Chief of Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, asking him to play a clear role in these difficult times, as he was of the opinion that the Punjab full of constitutional crisis had been arrested.

Last month, retired high-ranking military officials called in audio clips, which were reported against the Pakistani Army and its leadership, “fraudulent” and “conspiracy against the Pakistani Army”.

The announcement came two days after the country’s military took note of the ongoing “broadcast campaign” against the military on social media and agreed to a military position on the country’s political crisis. The ouster of former prime minister Imran Khan.

The military came under criticism last month, especially after Imran’s ouster in a successful vote of no confidence. Ways against the armed forces and their leadership have seen hard work on social media platforms like Twitter.

According to a It was morning report, ‘Hukoomat Namanzur imported’ (government hashtag imported) in Urdu alone produced a volume of 17 million tweets, while another anti-military hashtag produced more than 69,000 tweets and similar over 410,000 tweets a few days ago.

The Federal Investigation Agency has launched an attack against those accused of being involved in conducting these online campaigns and arresting people.

The guard also launched an investigation into Bol’s lawyer Sami Ibrahim for allegedly spreading “anti-state” videos and reports on social media platforms, including the military.

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