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Ben Stokes says he wants to lead a team of “unselfish” cricketers as he plans to revive England after being appointed as their new test captain.

The 30-year-old was added to the role last week after Joe Root resigned after a five-year reign that resulted in a series of bitter defeats.

Stokes, who was the vice-captain of his best friend Root, is taking the reins with England who have won just one of the last 17 Tests with the bottom team in the World Test Championship table.

Stokes’ first game in charge was against world champions Testers New Zealand, his hometown, at the start of the third test at Lord’s on 2 June.

He agrees that transforming England’s wealth will be difficult.

“It’s a challenge, especially after the last few years,” said the Durham star Sky Sports at the Riverside Ground in the area on Tuesday.

“A lot needs to change, not just on the pitch, and those discussions will take place.”

Stokes is an action-packed bowling all-rounder, known for his fierce commitment to the team and seems eager to shape the side in his image.

“I want to have dedicated cricket players who make decisions based on what they can do to win the game at that time,” he said.

“You are always condemned to win games, and the decisions I make are based on the best thing to do to give us that opportunity.

“I want to have 10 other guys with me who are in the same mindset.”

‘Pros and cons’

Stokes, in all his success on the field, also knows the hard times in his career.

He was arrested after a nightclub in Bristol in September 2017 after which he was dropped off on an Australian tour before being released on an Afrikaner charge.

“I’ve been through a lot of things since I became a professional cricket player, and this experience I feel good about the new role I have,” Stokes said. BBC in a separate interview.

“I’ve been through a lot and I’ve been through a lot of bad things and I feel like I can fit in with both sides of a sporting life that could throw at you.”

There are fears that making Stokes – who last year took a break from cricket to “put first” his mental health – the captain will carry a huge burden on a player who is already carrying a heavy workload.

And some observers have pointed to the unsuccessful rule of Ian Botham and Andrew Flintoff as evidence of the danger of naming a star around the world as captain of England.

Stokes, however, said: “I had to deal with comparisons with Andrew Flintoff and Sir Ian Botham since I was 18 or 19. Ben Stokes.”

In all of England’s problems over the past 14 months, Root has been in excellent form with bat battering, scoring 1,708 scores of 61 averages in 2021 and Stokes said he will use his experience.

“Joe is a top player on this team and will always be moving forward,” Stokes said The sky. “He was the team captain [five] for years, so it would be naive not to ask for advice from him. “

England have outscored striker James Anderson and Stuart Broad in their recent game against the West Indies, but Stokes have indicated they will be back soon.

“If they qualify, they will be nominated because they are the best referees in England,” he said. “They are two big games and they are part of the best XI. It’s very simple.”

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