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The Eidul Fitr celebrations in the city of Jodhpur in the Indian state of Rajasthan have been marred by conflict, sparking controversy over the raising of a “religious flag”.

According to an Indian book Scroll.insideThe new conflict round began on Monday night as “members of the Hindu and Muslim communities threw stones at each other by raising a religious flag at the Jalori Gate”.

The report quoted the Director-General of Police, Hawa Singh Ghumaria, as saying that the incident took place at 11pm.

“There were flags of [Hindu deity] Parashuram is close to where the namaz is offered, ”said Ghumaria. “There was controversy over the removal of the flags as the local Muslim community hoisted the flag [every year] during Eid. ”

Ghumaria added that because of the mosque near the Jalori Gate, police did not allow the mob to gather. “But while we are falling apart [the mob]the depression increased and the rocks were stoned. ”

According to the Indian news agency ANIloudspeakers were also installed in the Eid prayer area during the riots.

Reports from Indian media say that at least five police officers, among many others, were injured in the incident.

After the Eid prayers on Tuesday morning, there was another round of confrontation between the two people of Jodhpur “after some men threw stones near the Jalori Gate”. Scroll.inside said the report.

According to QuintThe protesters also smashed the windows of several vehicles, and several ATMs were reported damaged.

As a result of the conflict, curfews have been set in many parts of the city and district officials have suspended internet services since 1pm on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Rajasthan Chief Executive Ashok Gehlot called the disputes “unfortunate” and said the administration was instructed to maintain peace and order “at all costs” in the city.

In honor of the love and brotherhood of Jodhpur, Marwar, I make a heartfelt appeal to all parties to keep the peace and work together to create law and order, the prime minister said on his Twitter account.

According to Scroll.insideThe Prime Minister has instructed “Interior Minister Rajendra Yadav, Jodhpur Subhash Garg, the new Secretary General (Home) Abhay Kumar and the Director-General of Police (Law and Order) Hawa Singh Ghumaria to go to Jodhpur and take an understanding of the situation”.

This episode was the latest in a series of clashes between people in India over the past few weeks.

As early as April 16, six policemen and several others were injured during a riot that disrupted a procession at a ceremony in Jahangirpuri, a suburb of New Delhi. Indian police have arrested 14 people in connection with a shooting.

On April 2, civil strife erupted in the Karauli area of ​​Rajasthan “after stones were thrown at a motorcycle rally held to celebrate the new Hindu year, prompting authorities to close the curfew, shut down the internet and send 600 police officers.

About 35 people were injured in the violence, 46 people were initially detained by police for questioning and the case was registered by 13 people. According to Indian media, houses and shops were burned during the episode. Reports, however, did not say who owned the properties and the number of properties damaged.

For its part, Pakistan has strongly condemned the “senseless vandalism and arson of more than 40 houses” of the Muslim community by “Hindu followers” ​​during the civil war.

The regime of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the Hindu nation Baratiya Janata Party has urged Hindu religious groups in recent years to take reasons to justify their faith, though his party has condemned the escalating tensions between the people during Modi’s rule.

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