Concern as 10 Haripur residents commit suicide in four months – Pakistan


HARIPUR: Experts have expressed concern about the increase in suicide incidents here and blamed growing depression among the population.

While urging all participants, especially parents, teachers and theologians, to engage with people, especially young people, in order to prevent suicide, they need to have mental health facilities in their doors.

Ten residents, including three teenage girls, have completed their lives in the Haripur district since January 9th.

The first suicide incident was reported in Nartopa village in Pind Hashim Khan in the union council on Jan. 9 when Saifullah, 17, hung himself from a ceiling fan in his room after an argument with his mother.

Fareeha Komal, a 19-year-old resident of Mohallah Rajgan village in Mankraey, was the second person to die. He shot himself dead that day. The family did not give a reason for the suicide.

Experts say mental health facilities should be available to people at their doorstep

That day, Luqman Khan, 17, hanged himself from a tree near his house in Pajhwala village after his father shouted at him about a domestic issue.

On February 14, Mussarat Bibi, 18, committed suicide by hanging herself from a ceiling fan at a livestock farm. He killed himself because of a long illness, the family said.

On March 10, 17-year-old Fiza Bibi committed suicide in a similar manner in her room in Chajiyan village.

Mohammad Sheeraz, 48, of Umar Khana village, shot himself on March 13 shortly after killing his wife in a family affair.

A suicide case was reported in Gulu Bandi village on March 17 when Faizan, a 23-year-old man, shot himself dead in a heated argument with his wife, while Mohri No2 village council chairman Naveed Ilyas, 35, committed suicide on March 27.

Mohammad Riaz shot his brother, Mohammad Nawaz, and died before committing suicide in Mohallah Eidgah Serae Saleh on April 7.

A teenage boy committed suicide in the mosque of Churwaee village in the Nara Amazai union council on April 20.

Psychologist Sahira Khan has identified depression as one of the main causes of suicide among teens and told Parhlo that 15- to 25-year-olds were naturally emotional, so their exposure to suicidal ideation was higher than that of other age groups.

He said young people, who are uneducated, especially religious people, do not do manual labor such as sports and household chores, and participate in ‘bad’ social activities, have a higher rate of depression. He called for awareness campaigns in schools and colleges to prevent young people from thinking about suicide because of embarrassment.

He regrets that the suicide bid survivors have been prosecuted and shown more injuries but there was no way in the public sector health program to help depressed people. He called for the inclusion of mental health services in general health care.

In an interview, psychiatrist Wasim Khan said teachers and prayer leaders should intervene to educate people about Islamic teachings against suicide, while parents should build relationships with children in such a way that they can share their problems with them without hesitation.

It has also sought appropriate counseling wards and facilities in public sector hospitals for the early treatment of people with depression.

Published Parhlo, May 3, 2022

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