Court finds discrepancies in police probe in ‘missing’ Nimra Kazmi case – Pakistan


KARACHI: A case involving the abduction of teenage child Nimra Kazmi, who allegedly registered a voluntary marriage in the Punjab, turned upside down as a magistrate found discrepancies in the record of the case.

Kazmi, a 16-year-old Saudabad resident, went missing in Karachi in April and later left the Punjab, claiming she had left her parents’ house voluntarily to get married.

The case investigator submitted a report on the progress of the investigation, including written evidence.

Court Judge (Eastern) Javed Ahmed Korejo pointed out the discrepancy between the nikahnama (marriage certificate) and the telephone data record (CDR) produced by the IO.

He has noted that the girl was shown present at his house on April 20 according to the CDR so how to file for divorce in Taunsa Sharif, Punjab on April 18 as mentioned in the marriage certificate.

He noted that there was a marked difference between the CDR dates and the marriage certificate, adding that the prima facie police had failed to make efforts to apprehend the suspects involved in the kidnapping of Nimra Kazmi.

The magistrate also noted that the IO had handled the case in a customary manner and instead of investigating the matter, he obtained the required marriage certificate and filed a copy with the court.

Demonstrating dissatisfaction with the report, the magistrate ordered the IO to submit a detailed and complete investigation report the following day and adjourned the case until May 9.

Nimra Kazmi’s parents went to court to sue the police for not cooperating with the investigation into their daughter’s abduction.

Published Parhlo, May 3, 2022

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