Defiant Imran vows Sialkot jalsa will go ahead after police action – Pakistan


Insultant Imran Khan on Saturday vowed that his planned rally in Sialkot would continue for hours after police raided plans in a so-called Christian area.


Earlier today, authorities prevented PTI members from setting up facilities for a rally at the Sialkot CTI stadium, ParhloNewsTV reports that police fired tear gas and firearms activists accused of stabbing the protest.

Rally – where the PTI chairman would make a speech as part of his series jalsas the completion of the “Azadi March” party in Islamabad – was to be held later in the day.

PTI leader Shafqat Mahmood later announced to the publisher that the convention would now be held at the VIP cricket ground, about five miles away.

Television footage showed police officers in the area, as people, some with PTI flags around their necks, stood on a crane in what appeared to be an attempt to prevent the demolition of buildings erected at the convention.

Clouds of tear gas were also seen in the exhibit, while another exhibit showed police gathering people.

Taking to Twitter, Imran said “no doubt” he would go to Sialkot today.

“What the government has done in Sialkot against our leaders and workers is very bad, but it is not expected. This group of out-of-court criminals with their London-based mafia boss has always used Fascist tactics against opponents when in power.”

He said they were “using and abusing” democracy when they opposed and “completely destroying all democratic values ​​when they rule”, but the people are now rebelling against them.

He concluded by saying that his government “has not stopped any of them jalsas, living with rallies “because we are committed to democracy”. He added: “I will be in Sialkot today and call on all our people to go out and protest in their areas / towns after the Isha prayer against this fascist government.”

‘The world is a Christian community’

Sialkot District Police Officer (DPO) Hasan Iqbal, who was present at the scene, told reporters that the local Christian community was opposed to holding a rally on the ground, claiming it was their property.

“As you know we are now in the Christian world. [petition] in the high court, requesting that no political rally be held for any reason, “Iqbal said, adding that the high court then instructed the deputy commissioner of Sialkot to listen to both parties and make a fair decision.

“Political party leaders and representatives of the Christian community arrived yesterday and those in the past agreed that the land is Christian,” the DPO said, without mentioning PTI.

He added that “political party leaders” had asked for permission to hold the rally but the Christian community refused.

He also assisted the commissioner with other ways to conduct the meeting.

“We have made it clear that we are not against any political activity. Holding a rally is a legal and constitutional right. But forcing a rally on minority property without proper procedure would be unethical,” said DPO Iqbal.

“Then we came and told them we could help you with another place. What happened next is for you to see.”

“It is not our order to arrest people or stop a rally,” he said. “Our mandate is to carry out the orders of the deputy commissioner, which have been enacted in accordance with the law, following the order of the high court.

In a question about containers being set up to block roads, the DPO said it was a “political party” that had requested parking. “We have not closed the roads,” he said.

During this time, there were also reports of arrest of PTI members but no immediate legal confirmation.

When asked about this matter, the DPO did not give a definite answer saying that information about this would be provided in an official translation.

He further added that “the police have done nothing” but “the” dealers “who cleaned it up, without further ado.

But PTI said in a tweet several members of the group, including leader Usman Dar, had been detained.

In a video report, Dar said he was talking in a “prison van” after his arrest on earth. Others could be seen with him.

“They believe that our love … because the manager can be caught by putting us in a prison van or prison. Listen: throw us in jail, we will go out and continue the liberation movement, we will hold the rally again. This storm will not stop. This interest will not stop,” he said. “I stand with Imran Khan”.

Dar added: “We will be imprisoned but remain loyal to our leader Imran Khan. And listen carefully, we will get out of prisons and hold a rally in Sialkot. Our leader will return to Sialkot. And under the leadership of Imran Khan, we will bury this imported government, these American dolls forever, said Dar.

PTI leaders are contemptuous

PTI leaders remained contemptuous and vowed that the convention would continue. Former planning minister Asad Umar said “the nation is no longer afraid”, urging Sialkot supporters to be “ready, as it were”. Kaptaan will come tonight “.

Former prime minister Farrukh Habib called the “humorous” government “into a state of cowardice”. He also condemned the arrest of Usman Dar.

PTI chairman Imran Khan chief of staff Shahbaz Gill, in turn, denounced the “foreign government” for his “beauty”. “Holding a rally is our basic right and no one can stop us,” he said, adding that the move was proof that “the legs of the ruling party” were shaking.

‘You spoke to PTI for hours last night’

Punjab Prime Minister Hamza Shehbaz told reporters in Lahore that authorities held talks with the PTI for three hours last night as the Christian community had doubts about the use of CTI land at the convention.

The land, Hamza said, was private property and PTI was told it could choose another public place at the meeting, which the provincial government agreed to allow.

“But they (PTI) were stubborn … He (Imran Khan) wants bloodshed. His ministers and Sheikh Rashid repeatedly talked about blood,” CM said.

‘Will not tolerate religious differences’

Meanwhile, Ataullah Tarar of the PML-N warned the PTI that if it wanted to “conduct a religious event” in the name of the protest and “attempt to spread chaos”, there would be arrests.

“The church does not want you to use the land for religious purposes,” Tarar told reporters in Lahore. “It is similar to the PML-N saying they want to hold a convention at the Bani Gala. Can you donate your land? Traditionally, all conventions have been held in cricket grounds.”

He added: “If you do not renounce your faith and try to cause division within the religious community and you try to hold an assembly in a church square, then there are prison bars. as you are. “

He said the white flag of Pakistan was a guarantee of their rights. “The prime minister (Hamza Shehbaz) has issued a directive to lawmakers and law enforcement officials that there is no justification for creating religious divisions,” Tarar added.

‘The government told us last night that it was not allowed’

Farrukh Habib later held a press conference in Faisalabad, where he said the PTI had applied 10 days in advance to hold a conference in the area, but the government did not respond until last night.

“The night before the convention, they told us that ‘we will not let you go jalsa‘, “he added.

“We know who the master planner is. The government with the members under bail, 24 members in the ECL (Exit Control List), is ignoring the regime and the running dollar,” Habib said.

“Four days ago, the minister of crime was in London fleeing Nawaz Sharif, who was convicted of fraud,” he added. “The plan was invented there (in London).”

Land use agreement ‘arrived yesterday’

PTI Punjab president Shafqat Mahmood told a news conference this afternoon that what happened in Sialkot was “completely illegal” as all matters were finalized on Friday afternoon and an agreement was reached on the land where the convention was to be held.

“We were not informed of any obstacles, but then at 3pm, the manner in which the violence was carried out and the beating of unarmed people, is a disgrace,” added Mahmood. However, he said, such actions “will not stop us”. “The rally will be held, and it will be held no matter what.”

Mahmood then announced that the convention would now be held at the VIP cricket ground at 7pm today. He also urged the people to attend the rally and to exercise their democratic right.

He also called on district officials to release Dar and other members of the PTI, calling their arrest “unacceptable”.

The former education minister said the Sialkot article showed the government was committed to resorting to violence.

“Release Usman Dar, Hamza Dar and everyone else, and make all the arrangements for a peaceful assembly, otherwise this administration and the illegal government will be responsible for the consequences,” Mahmood warned.

When others present at the press conference informed Mahmood that Hamid Raza, minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, had also been arrested, the former union minister demanded his release.

“Why are you making the situation worse? What do you want,” he said, calling on the government to “stop using such tactics”. “Let our struggle for peace remain peaceful, otherwise it will be out of your control,” Mahmood warned.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

“And our struggle is focused on only one thing: calling elections,” he said.

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