Electric bikes price in Pakistan


The price of gasoline is rising, and the demand for electric bicycles is growing each day. Pakistan is fortunate to have electric bikes and bicycles that are locally made.

Jolta, a locally-owned manufacturer, has launched fully functional e-bikes within Pakistan. In Pakistan, these bikes are identical to traditional bikes.

In addition, electric bicycles are very inexpensive and explicitly designed to cater to Pakistani customers. Since there isn’t a mechanical engine, these electric bikes are energy-efficient and smoke-free. They are also noiseless and pollutant-free.

Electric bikes price in Pakistan

The Jolta electric bike Prices start at 8500 PKR based on the model and other specifications. The company has launched four new bikes that are electric as well as the electric scooter. JE-70D Special Edition, JE-70L, JE-125L, JE Sports Bike, and JE-Scooty. In the meantime, the JE-70D, JE 70D SE, and JE-Scooty are upon sale.

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JE-70D bike price in Pakistan

The JE70D SE bike features an engine that produces 1000 W and a 20AH dry battery. Additionally, electric bikes can be charged throughout the night with 1.5 per unit energy consumption on the meter. This model ranges up to 80 km on fully charged and a top speed of 60 km/h on a flat surface and 10-20 km/h on a sloped road.

Jolta electric bike

The price of the Je-70d is now 86.500, whereas it was 82,500. Both bikes are now available for purchase, with delivery times of 3-4 weeks.

JE-70L electric bike Features

The JE70L bike features an engine that produces a 1500 W and 30AH lithium battery. When the energy meter is set to two units and the battery charged in 2 units, the bike can recharge in a matter of 1-2 hours. Similar to the JE-70D SE, it offers an 80-kilometer range when on the full charge, and the top speed is 60 km/h on flat roads and 10-20 kph when riding on an inclined road.

JE-125L  electric bike Features

The JE125L bike features the power of 2000 W and a 40-AH lithium battery. With three-unit energy usage, it can be charged within 2.5 hours. It comes with a range of 150 km on a full charge and a top speed of 72 kph on flat roads and 20-25 kph when the road is inclined.

JE sports bike Features

This JE Sports Bike has a motor of 2000 W and a 32 AH dry battery. The electric bike can charge throughout the night with 2.5 units of power consumption on the meter. The capacity of 80 miles when fully charged and a top speed of 60 kph on flat roads and 10-20 km/h on the inclined road.

Electric Bike in Pakistan review

Jolta has launched a brand new edition 2022 of their electric bike, upgraded according to customer demand. Watch this video to learn an in-depth review of the brand new Jolta electric motorcycle 2022.

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Sun electric bike Pakistan

The company releases new bikes each year and launches the previous model with added features. As the new features become more popular, the prices rise. Therefore it is the unique model of the bike Sunra on sale for PKR 139,888.

Jaguar e-bike price in Pakistan

The Jaguar electric bike has a 70cc engine and an average of 70 kilometers with a charge time of 5 hours in the home. The price for the motorcycle in Pakistan is currently 88,000 PKR. However, the company is working to lower the cost.

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