‘Free and fair’ elections only solution to political crisis: Hamza – Pakistan


Punjab Prime Minister Hamza Shehbaz on Saturday said a “free and fair election” was the only solution to the country’s political crisis, as he expressed confidence that the PML-N was ready to face PTI chairman Imran Khan in the political arena.

In a press conference in Faisalabad, he said Pakistan now faces many challenges when it comes to economics and governance. “For the past four years, he has done nothing (PTI) without lying. Imran Khan has not kept his promise.”naya Pakistan and instead destroyed the old. “

Now, Hamza continues, governments – both provincial and provincial – have embarked on a journey to revive old Pakistan where “growth rate was 5.8 percent, workers are paid on time, and food is needed”.

“We will work with our partners and take steps that will benefit the community,” he vowed. “And I believe that in the future, every time economic reform is complete, free and fair elections are the only solution to the global crisis.

“I hope that in spite of all these challenges, God will open the way and the will of God, we will make this country Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan,” he said, adding that the PML-N was ready to confront Imran politically. battlefield.

But for some people, Hamza continued to refer to the former prime minister, who wants to start a “civil war” in the country.

“I have always said that Imran Khan is a man who wears a suicide vest to violate the Constitution of Pakistan and to enforce the law,” he said, citing examples of the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly’s ruling on the motion of infidelity. election of Punjab CM.

“Unlike Imran, we do not believe in the politics of retaliation, but we will never forgive Imran by making people wait in line for sugar, wheat and medicine. about it, ”added Hamza.

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