Governor calls on army to help end crisis in Punjab – Pakistan


• Cheema to send notice against LHC judge to SJC over Hamza’s sworn decision by NA spokesperson
• HRCP regrets governor’s letter, law minister says ‘inappropriate’


LAHORE: Unless the armed forces are repeatedly denied compulsion in the country’s political quagm, Punjab Governor Omar Sarfraz Cheema has called for military intervention to lead the province into a crisis that has plagued us for months. He also decided to file a petition against Lahore High Court Judge Jawad Hassan in the Supreme Court of Justice (SJC) for “an unlawful decision” to ask the Speaker of the Legislature to take an oath of office by elected Prime Minister Hamza Shehbaz.

On Thursday, the governor wrote a letter to the Chief of Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, asking him to play a clear role in these difficult times, as he was of the opinion that the Punjab full of constitutional crisis had been arrested.

With the letter, the governor also attached separate letters to the president and prime minister — he sent them shortly before the letter to Gen Bajwa. “Both of these letters include my true concerns and the constitutional issues facing this country, especially the Punjab province,” he wrote.

In a letter to PM Shehbaz Sharif, the Punjab governor accused Hamza of running for office as prime minister. He accused the Punjab Bureaucracy of giving full support during the CM election on April 16 to ensure that Hamza was elected, and criticized the prime minister for entering “the highest office” for “unconstitutional work”.

Mr Cheema appealed to the military chief to help restore constitutional values ​​by re-establishing the people who are honest, fair, just and trustworthy by the provincial and Pakistani governments.

The governor has already expressed concern about his position that the oath made to Hamza Shehbaz as prime minister, his subsequent announcement and the issuance of a notice by the former chief of staff, Usman Buzdar, was illegal.

He alleges that Hamza, using the powers of his father Shehbaz Sharif as prime minister, even held the Governor’s House to hold the swearing-in ceremony on April 30. .

Criticizing the violation of the law and the Constitution in a series of tweets, Mr Cheema finally tweeted, “If COAS provides me with one subedar and four soldiers, I will find myself an illegal, illegal and fake prime minister (Hamza Shehbaz) arrested. , throw him into prison.

In earlier tweets, she wrote that she had clarified in her report the type of intervention she was expecting and what she needed. “I would have appealed to the public if I had not been the governor,” he said.

Mr Cheema, however, added that political parties had always wanted him [intervention of army’s] 111 Brigade in the past. “I have just asked for four plots and a subedar.”

He said the province, which is facing a constitutional and legal crisis, had been “forcibly taken” and that the silence of political parties was “closely linked”. He warned that if all accepted the “Hamza Shehbhaz process” as prime minister, other provinces should be concerned.

He also said that if those who “violated the Constitution and the law” were protected, anyone could take up the constitutional office in the same way in the future. Mr Cheema said he had always wanted a “neutral ball” in the 26 years of politics, noting that a “neutral ball” ensures a level playing field on all sides, otherwise he could not be called “neutral” with the game. it would not be fair.

With the governor insisting that the Constitution was tainted in political affairs throughout the month of April, on the first day of Eidul Fitr on Tuesday he wrote on Twitter to send an Eid gift to the leaders of the ruling coalition. “I have sent the Constitution of Pakistan to political leaders as a gift for Eid who makes a foolish statement or expresses their grief without reading the document.”

Posting tweet after tweet all three days of Eid, he promised the nation that he would continue to fight the “Sicilian mafia” and soon find the offices vacated by the “illegal and illegal” prime minister in Punjab.

Letter to PM

Before writing to the military chief, the same day Governor Cheema, in his two-letter letter to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif “about the constitutional and political crisis in the Punjab” he described the problem caused by CM Buzdar’s resignation from the PML. -N to gain anti-PTI support and win the CM election. He said Hamza had taken the opportunity to become the son of a prime minister in this “unconstitutional struggle”.

Throughout the conference, the governor regretted the fact that political parties and civil servants had failed to recognize that the Constitution was silent on how such a candidate should be sworn in.

In fact, he wrote, “the Punjab bureaucracy, led by Principal Secretary Kamran Ali Afzal, and the inspector general of police played a negative role”. Officials withdrew all power from the governor’s office and allowed the Governor’s residence to be deprived of all security and assistance. He alleges that the secretary-general distorted the facts and put pressure on the governor’s office to allow the oath to be taken to Hamza, while knowing full well the “unholy circumstances of the contested election”.

He also accused the secretary general and the IGP of giving full support during the CM election on April 16 to ensure Hamza returned as elected. Cheema also criticized the prime minister, accusing him of being involved in an unconstitutional act of holding the top office and exposing Pakistan to a major political crisis and unrest.

Immediately, in a six-page letter to the president on April 23, the governor asked for advice from Dr. Arif Alvi to resolve the issue of the controversial Punjab prime minister’s appointment to the Punjab Assembly and the withdrawal of the outgoing CM. Buzdar, typed and addressed to the prime minister and not to the governor’s office as required by Article 130 (8) of the Constitution.

The governor later referred to Buzdar’s resignation as the “fitna” (corruption) that caused the constitutional crisis in the Punjab. In the letter, the governor explained the reasons for not taking the oath of office of Minister Hamza Shehbaz, saying the political crisis in the province stemmed from the resignation of Mr. a common case of violation of the Constitution and the laws under which it is made and the order of the bench of the division of the High Court of Lahore.

‘Not fit to be a governor’

Responding to the military’s involvement in the political process, Justice Minister Azam Nazir Tarar said it was inappropriate for the governor to write to the military chief, as constitutional offices wanted to hold him hostage.

He argued that the governor had no jurisdiction to appeal or be in a position to judge when a prime minister was elected, and he should refrain from engaging in such conduct. “He is calling for high-profile treason cases,” said Mr Tarar.

In contrast, PTI president Punjab President Shafqat Mahmood withdrew from commenting on the matter by saying the governor had only told the president, prime minister and COAS about legal and constitutional issues in Punjab.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Human Rights Commission (HRCP) has regretted the communication between Governor Cheema and Gen Bajwa. “The HRCP regrets the letter,” said chairwoman Hina Jillani.

Talking to It was morning, said the commission has always opposed the invitation for all illegal militias to intervene in the political process. He said there appeared to be an agenda being set for the past few years. At first, Ms. Jillani said, they did everything wisely, but now they are trying openly. “Otherwise, how can a man, who is in charge of the supreme constitutional office, call for an unconstitutional disruption? Did you get a sign from the institution? “He asked, adding that the letter would put the military in a difficult position defining the governor’s conduct.

An indictment against an LHC judge

On the other hand, it calls the ‘illegal’ order of the Lahore High Court Jawad Hassan asking Speaker of the National Assembly Raja Pervaiz Ashraf to take the oath of office by then-CM nominee Hamza Shehbaz, Governor Cheema said he would file a referendum against the judge. SJC.

Speaking at a press conference at Punjab House in Islamabad, the Punjab governor expected the SJC to look into whether any constitution allows anyone other than the president or governor to take the oath of office. He also called for the secretary-general’s notice of the new CM illegally, and said that the election of this office was unconstitutional. He maintained that the court would not interfere with the activities of the provincial assembly.

He told a reporter that he had asked for meetings with the president and the commanding officer to discuss the situation. He also said he would send his legal team to Prime Minister Sharif to make him understand the legal obligations of the CM election.

The governor noted that for the first time in the history of the country’s parliament, the police conducted by-elections in the House. However, he said, political parties are silent on the violations. Apart from the PTI, he says, no one else thought the election was unconstitutional.

Aamir Yasin in Islamabad also contributed to the report.

Published Parhlo, May 6, 2022

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