How to Check Ehsaas Program Status with CNIC Using Online Portal


The people who are beneficiaries who are beneficiaries of the Ehsaas Program are able to use the online portal to verify your Ehsaas Program Status by using the CNIC number, also known as Form Number. This post will inform you on how to check the status of your program online using your CNIC number. You can also find out more regarding the process of receiving funds through the Ehsaas Kafalat Program, or Ehsaas emergency cash program.

Ehsaas Kafalat Program Payment Centers List 2021

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program, as well as Ehsaas Kafalat Programme, are two of the most important Social Protection Programs in the nation giving a stipend worth the sum of Rs. 12,000 to everyone who is eligible. Since the beginning of the Ehsaas Program, it has seen a variety of initiatives created under this umbrella to make the lives of low-income and deserving individuals more comfortable, such as the implementation of the Panagah’s program and Langars and kitchen on wheels known as Koi Bhooka Na Soye Program.

How do I check the Ehsaas-Kafaalat Program 2021 Eligibility?

In case you would like to find out if you’re qualified to participate in Ehsaas Kafaalat Program 2021, or the Ehsaas Kafaalat Program 2021, contact us by sending the Computerized National Identity Card Number (CNIC) to 8171 and receive a confirmation about the eligibility of you. 

The cash disbursement as part of the first stage of the Ehsaas Emergency Programme is completed and further phases will be planned in the near future if needed. The government is providing aid by way of the Ehsaas Kafalat Programme with a similar stipend of Rs. 12,000 to deserving beneficiaries.

How to Check Ehsaas Program CNIC STATUS (8171 Web Portal)

Step 1:

First, you will need to go to Ehsaas Program 8171 Web Portal for online application tracking.

Step 2:

You must fill in the CNIC # or Formula Number in order to verify the status of your application. When you enter your CNIC number, you must input the verification number as shown within the photo.

You can verify your application using the CNIC Card Number Here

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