How to Check Registration Number Of a Motorcycle


Do you want to know your recently bought motorcycle’s ownership status? Do you want to find out how to check your motorcycle registration number? This blog post is for those who have recently owned a bike. This blog post will explain how to check your bike registration in Pakistan. It is easy and quick, using a variety of online and offline platforms depending on where you live.


Check Lien of a Motorcycle’s Registration Number In Pakistan

This article will explain how to find out if a motorcycle registration has a Lien (Lender’s claim for repayment that is registered against a car). These include checking through Warda Data Bank (WDB), Mobile Application Registrations Database Program, Sindh Information Technology Board (MATP-SITB portal), and others.

Whatever platform they choose, the first step is to check any public data banks for information about whether or not the bike has been registered before.

Warda Data Bank is a great resource for this purpose. It contains almost all the bikes in Pakistan and their registration numbers. This program is 100% authentic and reliable because it’s run by WAPDA (Water & Power Development Authority).

Follow these steps to find out if your bike has been registered at Warda Data Bank.

> Enter the License Plate (number plate) for the motorcycle you want in the search box at the top of “Warda Data Bank”.

> Click on the “Search” button.

If you don’t see any results, please double-check the number plate. Sometimes combinations of just one character can make it difficult to locate your bike’s details.

This process is simple and you won’t regret it. However, even if your bike isn’t registered in Pakistan, or if you have sold the bike and re-registered it under a new number plate, there is always another way.

These services are not available in all regions. We’ll first look at the relevant websites to get online certifications for bicycles across the country, then we’ll go into detail about each app that is available locally and abroad

Check Motorcycle Registration Online In Pakistan 

Are you looking for ways to check the ownership of a bike in Pakistan? It’s easy to do. It’s easy to check the status of your bike ownership using a website or mobile application. These online services are available depending on where you live. We’ll first look at the websites that can be used to verify your bike online in Pakistan.

It is easy to verify your online bike registration in Pakistan. You can easily verify your ownership of your bike online through a website or different mobile apps, depending on where and when you live.

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This list contains only a few examples:


> PRA Website

> PakWheels – Motor Verification System

> Kaboom App – Vehicle Registration Status

You simply need the registration number of your bike, and then you can enter it at the relevant website or online database to see if your bike has been assigned a number plate.

If it has, you don’t need to worry about the number plate being returned. If your bike doesn’t appear in the system, it means it has either been sold or has been re-registered with a different number.

It is impossible to locate the owner of a vehicle in such circumstances unless you publish an inquiry notice in the local newspapers.


This online database contains information about all vehicles. It also includes a data bank that contains registration certificates and number plates from government departments.

CHECK Bike Registaion Using CNIC Punjab

Clinic Punjab conducts a bike registration check to ensure safety and security in Lahore. Checking bikes begins with document verification that includes vehicle number, date, manufacture, engine capacity, frame numbers, and chassis numbers.

Two-stroke engines will be inspected for smoke emissions, while four-stroke engines will be screened for noise levels.

Registration of New Motorcycle

As part of the digitization process, online registration of motorcycles in Pakistan has been possible by the Ministry of Law and Justice. On 17 July 2018, it was announced that motorcycles would be added to the vehicle category. Individuals can register their vehicles online without ever having to visit any physical offices.

This initiative was taken by the Government of Pakistan. People who have scooters or motorcycles, but do not have them registered, no longer need to drive all over town to register their vehicles. You can register your scooter or motorcycle from your home, reducing the commute time.

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Check Bike Registration By Engine Number

I don’t know about you, but I do know that my bike had an engine #. After some research, I discovered that you can check your bike’s registration by looking at its engine number.

You don’t have to be a geek like me to understand what it means. All bikes have an engine number that allows us to identify the year, make/model, and any other details about the bike.

If your serial numbers are not visible or unreadable, someone may have stolen your bike. This blog post will demonstrate how simple it is to find stolen items by using this information.

Check Motorcycle Registation Online using a Website in Sindh

Bicycle owners in Pakistan, Sindh, have to face a difficult challenge. To prove ownership of their bikes, they must show proof. Bike registration is required for all vehicles in the country, but there is no online service to verify this.

Only designated offices can register vehicles, which is inconvenient and time-consuming considering that most people work during business hours. It is also costly as the government charges Rs 2000 (approx $20) per bicycle and Rs 4,000 ($40 if it is done through an agent).

Owners of a bike would like an online system to allow them to verify their ownership by simply uploading the required information.

Check Bike Registation In Punjab

People don’t know where they are. This is one of the main problems with bike registration checks in Punjab. This is because it’s difficult to track down bikes, as many people don’t report their bikes as stolen or lost. They only have an idea of how the bike looks.

This website allows you to register your bike online, and find out where it should be checked in case of an accident. You can also find safety tips and anonymous reporting options for incidents.

Check Motorcycle Registation Online using a Website in KPK

You want to check if your motorcycle is registered in KPK. Just visit the website KPexcise offers a page where you can enter the registration number of your vehicle and verify that it is valid.

It will also inform you how long it remains before expiring. An error message will be displayed if there are any problems with the information. If everything is fine, you can just continue driving.

After you have navigated to these websites, depending on your location, you will see a form with one or two empty fields. To confirm your bike power in Pakistan, you must fill them out.

One field may be designated as the Vehicle Number or Registration number. Next, enter the alphanumeric integers from your bike’s number plate.

To view details about the power status of your bike, click the “Hint” button.

This information may be included in the results of an online search for a motorbike registration number.

  • Proprietor’s Name
  • Vehicle Information
  • Registration Details
  • Engine Number
  • Lattice Number
  • Registration Time
  • Vehicle Model
  • Company Name
  • Vehicle Details
  • Machine Capacity

Not applicable to the Punjab Department of Taxation.

Check Motorcycle’s Registration Using Mobile Application

Several apps allow you to verify your bike ownership in Pakistan. This is done by getting an app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. To check if your vehicle has been stolen, you will need to have your license plate number and Social Security number. Just search “Bike Registration Check” and You will get a variety of applications.

Check Bike Owner Name In Pakistan Via SMS

We are here! You don’t have to be worried if you are a Punjabi resident and own a bicycle. This simple process will allow you to check your vehicle’s registration status from within Pakistan by sending an SMS message.

  • Open the SMS App on your Mobile Phone
  • Send a text message to 8785 with your vehicle registration number.
  • In a matter of seconds, you’ll get a response

You may get the following information in response to your text message:

  • Model and Company of Bike
  • Colour
  • Year Of Registration
  • Owner’s Name
  • Status of Computerized Number Plates
  • Token and Duty Paid Up to
  • Lattice Number and Machine

Bike Verification By Visiting Excise AND Taxation Department Punjab

To verify the ownership of your bike, you can also visit your local Excise and Taxation Department

If you need to confirm your bike ownership, the Excise and Taxation Department can help. They can be visited in person, or you can bring any original documents (e.g. registration papers).

Checking Bike Registration Using CNIC

CNIC Pakistan conducts a bike registration check to help reduce motorbike accidents. This involves inspecting if the bike is registered with the appropriate authorities. It also informs citizens about their rights regarding the registration of a bike.

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