How to Find Someone’s Instagram Account Using Phone Number Or Username


Social media enable people to participate in social networking or to create and share content. Each social media site or app has some type of built-in feature that enables users to connect with friends and meet new people to connect with. Instagram isn’t any different.

How to Find Someone on Instagram

Instagram lets users connect with other users in a variety of ways. You are able to join hashtags or discover accounts that share content on particular topics. You can utilize Discover Option to get interesting posts or follow accounts that shared something that you like.

In case you’re looking to connect with random people, however, you are actually trying to find a specific user, you can find people via Instagram ;

  • A username
  • A phone number

Note: Email search is not an alternative.

How to find a User by Using a Username

You need to know the username of a user or handle to locate them.

Open Instagram.

Click on the Search tab.

Enter the username on the search bar, then input the username.

Look through the Results to locate the account you’re trying to find.

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Search Instagram By Phone Number

In order to locate an individual on Instagram by phone number, it is necessary to be listed as the contact. This means the person must have to be on your contact list. Additionally, the person in the list should have an account set up with a phone number, instead of an email.

Make sure that you’ve added your user’s name as a contact in your phone’s contacts app prior to your start.

  • Open Instagram.
  • Visit the profile tab.
  • On the top of the right, click on the hamburger button.
  • Select The “Discover People” Option.
  • If prompted, allow Instagram to access your contacts.
  • Check out the list of people displayed on the screen. People who have been suggested for you are your contacts.

Note: You are not able to select which contacts will be recommended by Instagram. If the contact doesn’t possess already an Instagram account, there’s clearly no way to find them. This method is less secure than using an account with a username.

Conclusion: Instagram Search Account

If you’ve been using Instagram for a long time it will gradually begin to suggest more people from your contacts list. Similar to Facebook it will begin to suggest relevant accounts in your circle, though they are not linked to you or in some way. The suggestions may also be made through Facebook If you’ve joined your Facebook as well as your Instagram accounts, and if any of your Facebook friends have made the same move.

It is not possible to be a follower of a private account just because it’s there. If you’ve been denied access or detained by the account, it might not show in the search results.

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