How to get NIMS NADRA Vaccination Certificate?


This is a common phrase we hear nowadays. The government employees are panicking to get their certificate. Everyone is trying to get online vaccine certificates to avoid the limitations for non-vaccinated people.

How to get NIMS NADRA gov pk vaccination certificate

How to get NIMS NADRA gov pk vaccination certificate

Getting COVID-19 NIMS NADRA gov pk vaccine certificates online is now easy.

NADRA has launched a new service to assist citizens in obtaining their vaccination certificates. NADRA launched this service after large crowds gathered outside NADRA offices. The facility is now available to all vaccinated citizens of Pakistan at e-Sahulat centers.

  1. To avail of this service, you will have to visit the NADRA website of the National Immunization Management System:
  2. Click the blue-button labeled “certificate to corona” or “کووڈ ویکسینیشن سرٹیفیکیٹ کا حصول” in the menu bar.
  3. Enter your CNIC number (or Afghan POR number). Enter the issuance date of your ID card.
  4. Submit your fee of Rs 100 at the nearby e-Sahulat center or by your card.
  5. Go to the same website after paying the fee.

Step 1: NIMS NADRA Website & Corona Certificate

Open the NIMS NADRA Certificate website by entering on the web browser’s address bar.

Click on Corona Certificate after loading the NIMS website. A new window will appear asking for CNIC/Afghan’s POR number as well as the date of CNIC issuance. Fill in your CNIC number and CNIC issue date. Click on the Verify button.

The Pakistani Government has decided to administer the Pfizer vaccine to students and children aged 15-17 years. To receive the confirmation message from NIMS NADRA, they must send the CNIC Number from the B-Form (Children Register Certificate – CRC) to 1166.

Children who use B-form to register for vaccinations can choose the option of CRC holder. After this, they don’t have to enter the CNIC Issue Date.

Step 2: Enter Information

The next step will bring up the window below. You can type your name exactly as it appears on your CNIC. Optionally, you can also enter your Passport number. Finally, select your nationality from a dropdown menu.

Necessary: You must have a passport number if you plan to use this certificate for travel abroad.

Step 3: Accept the Terms and Conditions

After verifying your personal information, a 5-step window will be displayed. The first step is to accept and agree to the payment terms and conditions. To proceed, you must get/tick the checkbox.

Step 4: Payment

The second step is to complete the credit card information, from which payment will then be deducted. The fee for the NADRA vaccination certificate costs 100 Rs. This step requires information about the credit card holder and the credit cardholder. This information is not necessary for the online request for the vaccine certificate.

Step 5: Payment Summary

A payment summary will be displayed after the bank has verified the payment. For future reference, you can download the payment receipt.

Step 6: Verify Information

The fourth page shows the personal information window. This allows you to verify the data entered. You can make any changes here. Modifying the detail again will cost Rs. 100. Before moving on to the next step, make sure you are confident.

Step 7: NADRA Vaccine Certificate Download

Certificate NIMS NADRA

After verifying your information, the fifth step is to download your NIMS NADRA vaccine certificate. The PDF version of the certificate can be downloaded and printed.

Step 8: NIMS NADRA Vaccination Certificate

This NADRA online vaccine certificate is ready to be submitted at your office or for international travel.

Step 9: Modify and re-download data from NIMS Vaccination Certificate

You can re-download your NCOC vaccine certificate if you have lost it by visiting the NIMS site and entering your CNIC number as well as the date of your NCOC vaccination.

You can also modify your NIMS NADRA certificate’s personal information online. However, you will need to pay Rs. 100 fee.

NADRA Certificate of Vaccination from Office

Corona (COVID-19), a vaccine certificate, can easily be obtained from any NADRA office near you by showing your CNIC Card and making a cash payment of Rs. 100. You will receive a printed certificate that is acceptable worldwide.


Send your 13-digit CNIC sans dashes to 1166 to check your vaccination status. This message can be used to verify your vaccination status within Pakistan.

Vaccine Booster Shot in Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan announced that countries requesting particular Vaccines for COVID-19 would be administered a Vaccine Booster shot on payment of Rs. 1270/.

Any person over 12 years old can receive this booster shot in Pakistan, provided they have valid travel documents.

Citizens over 18 years old can receive Pfizer, Sinopharm, or Sinovac vaccines, depending on the country in which they are traveling. Citizens between the ages of 12 and 17 will only be given the Pfizer vaccine.

A fee of Rs. A price of Rs. 1270/ should be deposited at the National Bank of Pakistan. To deposit the payment, you will need to use Challan Form 32A. Download Challan Form 32A from the link below. A sample form 32A can be downloaded from the link below. This will show you how to fill out the form to deposit Rs. 1270/ at NBP bank.

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