How to Send Money From JazzCash to Easypaisa Wallet


Are you in search of an option for you to control your transaction using just a single click on your phone? Are you unable to find anything that is remotely functional in terms of transferring money between two branches of banks is relevant? We’ve got your back; here’s how you can transfer funds cash from JazzCash and into Easypaisa.

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What Is Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking is the process of conducting financial transactions using a mobile device. It could be as easy as sending a fraudulent bank transfer or usage information to a customer’s mobile phone or as complicated as paying a bill or other payments to another country. The advantages of mobile banking are the ability to access your bank account anywhere, at any time. The disadvantages are security issues and a limited set of features as compared to the bank in person or on computers.

Send JazzCash Funds To Easypaisa Wallet

  • On your phone launch the JazzCash application.
  • In the application window Select “Money Transfer” Option.
  • In the “Money Transfer” options, Click on “Other Wallet Transfer”.
  • In Other Wallets, From All Wallets choose EasyPaisa option
  • To send money, fill in the required information into the fields.
  • Verify the details and ensure that you’ve entered the correct data. Enter your MPIN and click on Continue.

This is a confirmation of your transaction as well as the transfer of your cash to JazzCash into Easypaisa. Check the receipt in an electronic format similar to the one displayed below.

So, there you go! you guys!

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