How to write an application to the Chief Justice of Pakistan


It’s always better to contact that body that will prove beneficial to you, which will carry out some action instead of striving through indirect sources. So writing directly to the Chief Justice of Pakistan is a good idea in case of constant series of disappointments you are facing, maybe by contacting another kind of sources; a clerk, an assistant, or through session courts leading to delay of decision of your issue/case.

How to write application to Chief Justice of Pakistan

If you think of contacting the Chief Justice of Pakistan regarding any unsolved issue, write an application to him. However, you should be careful about some things. Some rules should be followed while writing. Here are some rules to be taken into view while writing an application to the Chief Justice of Pakistan. 

Supreme court of pakistan

Don’t preach him!¬†You should not be teaching him. Instead, he is the Judge. He knows better what to do. Just write your problem.


Your application should not feel offended. No matter how much you are stressed out or disappointed, do not use negative words or offensive words. This is how to solve your issue, so just write your issue instead of using offensive words.

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Be humble:

Write respectfully. Use “Honorable Chief Justice”, etc. 


Mention all the details so he can take action immediately instead of being ambiguous about a particular thing or detail.


Your application should be “brief” and should not be a long story. Concise it in a few lines with every important detail necessary to be mentioned. Suppose it feels like a long story with unnecessary details, then your stance will not be clear as it would be with short, concise material.

Supporting points:

Add some points that will support your complaint. These points have great importance as they will highlight 

the value of your application. i.e. for what reason you are calling out to him to solve your problem. They explain 

why you want Justice, but they must have some sense. Don’t write long stories or too random sentences. Just write a few sentences supporting your whole application, and those will be more than enough.

Add this word:

On the envelope, write “confidential” with Justice’s name and your name


while writing sender and receiver details. It will be conveyed directly to the appropriate body instead of a clerk or assistant when dispatched. If word confidential is not written, it may be opened by an assistant or clerk, and the matter can be delayed again.


You can also mention the subject. The choice is entirely up to you. If the subject is mentioned, Judge can know your application perspective.


In the end, write some kind words as a good gesture.

So it’s not that hard to write an application to the Chief Justice of Pakistan. Just a bunch of rules to be followed to convey your message to Justice, and you will be on the way to having your issue acted upon.

Start humbly and end kindly. If you have any legal documents that need to be attached to prove your stance or case, you can also attach them.

For sample, an application is as under:

Sample of Application:

Honourable Mr Justice ______

Chief Justice of Pakistan,

Supreme Court of Pakistan,

Constitution Avenue, G-5/2



Assalam you Alaikum,

Sir, I recently bought a residential plot.44 in block B in Iqbal Town, Lahore. I was about to shift there, but some land grabbers had made illegal possession on my plot a couple of days before. They are demanding an amount of 10 lakh for leaving the possession. I have visited a nearby police station multiple times to file a complaint, but no one agreed to report my complaint against those land grabbers.

On this, those land grabbers refused to return my plot at any cost, but after asking them to be vacant the plot multiple times, they are now threatening me to file a false FIR against me and to put me behind bars and hurt my son. Also, they are constantly forcing me to pay the amount they asked for. Sir, I have saved every penny to buy this plot. However, I cannot pay such a high amount just to vacant my plot. I am also worried about my little son. Therefore, I request you to solve this matter kindly. I will be very grateful to you if you grant me relief from this problem.

      Waiting for your kind justice.

(Yours truly, )




Online complaint:

You can also write a complaint online by writing your application and sending it to the email address of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Just write the application according to the rules mentioned above. The email address is provided over the internet.

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