Imran reiterates threat to his life, says has recorded video naming ‘all conspirators’ – Pakistan


PTI chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan said on Saturday his life was in danger and he recorded a video in which he took the names of all those who had “conspired against me” from last summer.

Imran, who claims to have been fired from his foreign office by local players for following an independent foreign policy, made the remarks at a demonstration of his political party in Sialkot. “There is a conspiracy against me in closed rooms inside and outside the country, and they want the life of Imran Khan. [is lost],” he said.

“I knew this conspiracy … so I recorded the video and kept it in a safe place. If anything happened to me this video would be [made public] before the nation. In it, anyone who conspired against me, anyone who was involved since last summer, I called everyone.

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“They think ‘Imran Khan could be a roadblock and he should be removed.” That’s why I am recording this video because I think it is jihad not politics. If anything happens to me, I want all my Pakistanis to know who was involved in this conspiracy.

“I called everyone who planned and [revealed] how, by a foreign plot, this corrupt lot, and they, and others who had it, ended my government. I recorded the video because it is [part of the] a history of how powerful they can never be brought under the law and remain safe. Those who betrayed this country, I want their faces to be seen, ”said the chairman of PTI.

The threat to Imran’s life was first uttered by Faisal Vawda in the last few weeks of his government in late March.

Imran, in his speech tonight, said his views on eradicating corruption were not against those in “strong positions”.

“For the past 3.5 years, I have tried my best to ensure that those who have robbed the country over the past 30 years have been convicted and prosecuted, but those in power, who should have done justice, do not consider it a crime. it is acceptable that the powerful will be, and no one will be able to hold them.

Imran urged his supporters to take part in his planned march on Islamabad, warning that if they did not do so “the country would be destroyed.” He told his listeners to endure the hardships of the weather if the hot summer could throw them on their way to the capital.

The chairman of the PTI also urged the youth to “immediately begin preparations for the march, saying that the government will try to stop this march by imposing restrictions on transport, fuel, internet and other services.

He predicted that the “sea of ​​people” would be by his side when he headed for Islamabad.

Imran also questioned law enforcement officials about their handling of corruption cases against the Sharif family since the new government took office, alleging that officials at the Federal Investigation Agency were either being replaced or threatened.

He paid tribute to former FIA director Mohammad Rizwan, who investigated allegations of money laundering against current Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Punjab Prime Minister Hamza Shehbaz, and died of a heart attack on Monday.

Imran alleges that Hamza “intimidated” Rizwan because he was “under a lot of pressure” and died as a result.

PTI chairman claims that another FIA investigating officer, Nadeem Akhtar, also suffered a heart attack yesterday.

“Where are the courts? It is your job to protect them,” said Imran as he shouted the pressure from those who were investigating the “mafia”.

He also criticized the new government on the economic front, saying that the PTI regime had left it promising but since the “regime change”, the rupee had shrunk dramatically and the stock market collapsed.

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