Is iPhone 11 WaterProof?


The Apple iPhone has indeed been “waterproof” for a couple of generations (so this could also apply to other models, for instance, an iPhone X), but the iPhone 11 isn’t worry-free in any situation. It’s highly water-resistant, to the point where it could be waterproof in normal situations and normal use. Yet, IP68 is considered water-resistant based on International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards.

Understanding IP ratings

iPhone 11 is rated IP68. iPhone 11 is rated IP68 according to the IEC standard 60529. Its IP ratings are a measure of measurement developed to indicate the degree of resistance a device has to dust, dirt, and water. The number one in the IP rating (in the case of the iPhone 11’s, “6”) measures the resistance of the device to solid materials like dust and dirt. Based on the IP chart, six is rated in the category of “protection from contact with harmful dust. “

Another numeral (“8” is on the iPhone 11) measures how resistant to liquids or “water resistance.” A score of eight indicates that the device is “protected from immersion in water with a depth of more than one meter. “

While not in all reviews, however, a time estimate is generally given, which is usually around 30 minutes in the majority of instances. This signifies you can be sure that iPhone 11 is almost wholly immune to dirt and dust and can stand up to submersion in water as deep as 1.5 millimeters (about 5 feet) in depth for approximately 30 minutes. You shouldn’t remain submerged in large amounts of water for a prolonged period because there is a distinct distinction between “waterproof” and “water resistance. “

Remember it is that IP rating is only applicable to water. iPhone 11 should be okay even if water spills onto the device, but it will not apply to damage caused by liquid from other items such as beer, soda milk, coffee, or soda.

Its IP68 certification puts it among the top waterproof devices. But this does not mean that you must expose it to liquids and humidity. The IP rating measures the effects of water immersion on a fully functioning device. Cracks, chips, or holes in the case or the case of an iPhone 11 can allow water to enter and cause damage to inside components.

Can I use iPhone 11 during a bath?

The use of an iPhone 11 in the shower is not a wiser idea. While the humidity in the shower may not cause harm however any direct contact to the water from the showerhead could cause. If you’re required to keep your mobile inside the bathroom put it by the sink, and don’t respond to that text until you’ve left the shower.

Can I use an iPhone Under The Water?

If you want to use phones in pools, this principle applies. If your phone falls in the pool, it could be able to survive a short dip, provided the pool isn’t very deep. It’s better to avoid trying to take underwater photographs. You may be successful without harming your phone and yet is this worth taking the risk? If you’re planning to shoot pictures underwater, get a waterproof phone case that is designed specifically for underwater photography.

Note: Saltwater can be more hazardous because of its corrosive conductivity. A device dropped into the ocean can be more hazardous than dropping it in the pool.

What should you do if your iPhone 11 gets wet

Two things to do if your phone gets wet.

  1. If you did not have a waterproof case or case, and the phone got wet immediately dry it. Utilize a dry, dry cloth to clean the moisture off the exterior. If you notice that water has entered the device, set it inside a dry area and allow it to evaporate. The rice trick discussed previously is because rice grains aid in absorbing moisture, however, dry spaces be just as effective.
  2. Do not switch the iPhone on or connect it to the charger until it is dry. Electronic devices are susceptible to damage with water. The main risk is when an electric current flows through it. Conductivity is one of the main reasons water could cause circuits to overload and cause them to burn out. The highest chance of regaining the use of the device with no injury is if you let it dry completely before attempting to power it up again or attempt the charge.

The iPhone 11 is indeed a powerhouse of a smartphone However the security measures that are in place to increase the life of the device the phone is not built to be used in humid conditions. There is an absence of a “waterproof iPhone” as of today. However, a haphazard drop or spill into a puddle is likely not to harm the phone. However, it’s best to take caution rather than test the capabilities of the IP68 rating. Attempt to avoid submerging your iPhone completely underwater. It could be a good idea to buy a waterproof case that can be purchased from multiple stores on the internet.

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