Jazz Call Offers Updated Prices(2022)


With passing time, Jazz witnessed huge growth, eventually becoming the largest telecommunications network in Pakistan. The network is constantly expanding and offering new and exciting products and services to its users, but also organizing events for them to show their support.

Why are more and more people using Jazz? It’s because our Jazz Call Packages give customers options so that they can easily fulfill their needs.

Jazz Daily Call Offer

Jazz is offering a variety of Call packages. Here are the Packages that are Being offered

Jazz Super Plus Offer1 Day500 On-Net Minutes 5 Off-Net Minutes 500MB internet  500 SMS28 Rupees
Inc. Tax
Jazz Har Din PackageTill Midnight500 on-net minutes 20 off-net minutes 500 SMS 500 MBs30 Rupees
Inc. Tax
Jazz Super F&F Package1 Day100000 On-Net Minutes 100000 SMS10 Rupees
Inc. Tax
Jazz Apna Shehar Package1 DayUnlimited on-net minutes 1500 SMS 100 Free MBs9.99 Rupees
Inc. Tax
Karachi Hybrid Bundle1 DayUnlimited on-net minutes 1500 SMS 250 MBs12.72 Rupees
Inc. Tax
Super Daily Call Offer1 Day1440 Free On-Net Minutes 150MB Internet 50 SMS17 Rupees
Inc. Tax
Punjab Daily Offer1 DayUnlimited Jazz Mins 250 MB Internet 1000 SMS12 Rupees
Inc. Tax
KP Daily Offer1 DayUnlimited Jazz Mins 250 MB Internet 1500 SMS13 Rupees
Inc. Tax
Sindh Daily offer1 DayUnlimited Jazz Mins 250 MB Internet 1500 SMS12 Rupees
Inc. Tax
Daily Day Bundle1 Day20MB Data 300 Jazz Mins 300 SMS14 Rupees
Inc. Tax

Jazz 3 days Call Package 

Jazz is Offering a 3 day package in just 35 Rupees. The Details of Package are

Jazz 3 Day Max offer35 Rupees Incl. Tax100 minutes 1024 MBs3 DayDial *631#

Jazz Weekly Call Offer

Weekly Call Offer from Jazz are as Following

Jazz Weekly Hybrid Offer126 Rupees
(Incl. Tax)
7 Days1000 Free On-Net Minutes
Off-Net 30 Minutes
1000 SMS
1 GB Internet
 145 Rupees *407#
Jazz Weekly Social Plus150 Rupees
(Incl. Tax)
7 Days8 GB DATA (IMO, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook & BiP)
500 Jazz Mins
25 Other Network Mins
500 SMS
 175 Rupees *668#
Jazz weekly Premium169 Rupees
(Incl. Tax)
7 Days4 GB DATA
50 All Network Mins
195 Rupees *117*47#
Jazz Weekly All Network Offer182 Rupees
(Incl. tax)
7 Days3 GB DATA
1000 Jazz Mins
60 Other Network Mins
1000 SMS
210 Rupees *700# 
Super Duper Weekly Offer228 Rupees
(Incl. tax)
7 Days1500 Free On-Net Minutes
60 Off-Net Minutes
1500 SMS
6GB internet (3 GB 2 AM – 2 PM)
265 Rupees Dial *770#
Jazz Lajawab Haftawar Offer70 Rupees
(incl. tax)
7 Days2.5 GB ​DATA
2500 Jazz Mins
25 Other Network Mins
2500 SMS
81 Rupees Dial *565#
Jazz Weekly Super Plus269 Rupees
(Incl. tax)
7 Days5000 Free On-Net Minutes
80 Off-Net Minutes
5000 SMS
12GB Internet (6GB 2AM – 2PM)
310 Rupees Dial *505#
Jazz Work from Home Bundle95 Rupees (Incl.Tax)7 Days10GB Data
Unlimited jazz mins (8AM – 6PM)
110 Rupees Dial *117*14#
Jazz Weekly Super Max337 Rupees
(Incl. Tax)
7 Days30 GB ​DATA
6000 Jazz Mins
100 Other Network Mins
6000 SMS
390 Rupees *506#
Sargodha Weekly Offer (Offer Valid for Sargodha Only)100 Rupees
(Incl. tax)
7 Days2000 Free On-Net Minutes
2000 SMS
2GB Internet
115 Rupees *627#
Jazz Haftawar All Rounder Offer120 Rupees
(Incl. tax)
7 Days1000 Free On-Net Minutes
50 Off-Net Minutes
1000 SMS
1 GB Internet
138 Rupees Dial *747#

Jazz Monthly Call Offer

Want to be free from the the tension of less time-limited package. Check these Monthly Packages

Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle489 Rupees incl. Tax565 Rupees 2 GB DATA
10000 Jazz Minutes
(Weekdays 333 On-net Minutes per Day)
(Unlimited On-net Minutes on Sunday)
50 Other Network Minutes 2500 SMS
30 Days*430#
Mahana Bachat Offer120 Rupees incl. Tax 138 Rupees 4 GB Social
(Whatsapp, IMO & BiP)
250 Jazz Minutes
35 Other Network Minutes  
2000 SMS
30 Days*614#
Jazz Monthly Premium650 Rupees incl.Tax750 Rupees 25 GB DATA
250 All Network Minutes
30 Days*2000#
Monthly Super Duper636 Rupees (Incl. tax)732 Rupees 7 GB DATA
3000 Jazz Minutes
150 Other Network Minutes
3000 SMS
30 Days*706#
Jazz Super Mahana Offer454 Rupees  (Incl. tax)525 Rupees 10 GB DATA (5GB 2AM-2PM)
5000 Jazz Minutes
150 Other Network Minutes
5000 SMS
30 Days*529#
DG Khan Monthly Offer319 Rupees (incl. tax)367 Rupees 2 GB Data​
2000 Jazz Minutes
200 Other Network Minutes
4000 SMS
30 Days*705#
Jazz Super Duper Monthly Card600 Rupees incl.Tax600 Rupees 2000 Free On-Net Minutes
150 Off-Net Minutes
2000 SMS
2GB Internet
30 Days*601#
Jazz Super Duper Plus Card850 Rupees (Incl. tax)980 Rupees 15 GB DATA
5000 Jazz Mins
300 Other Network Mins
5000 SMS
30 Days*707#

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