Khyber women councillors vow to resolve female population’s issues – Pakistan


KHYBER: As the local government system continues to operate in the national districts, women councilors in the Khyber state district have expressed their determination to work hard to solve the problems facing women in the community and to provide education and health care for them.

Almost all female councilors contested the LG election for the first time and demanded more votes than the male candidates, showing a growing acceptance of voters.

Tell Parhlo that the provision of education and health care for women in their communities is a priority as it will help them raise their voices.

Somaiya Afridi, a graduate of Peshawar University, said the level of education was very low for international women, while the quality of education was not yet high, so her focus would be on providing quality education for women.

Say the LG system should work without delay

“Girls of the nation are not allowed to go out in the name of national customs and traditions even if they get an education, so it is very important to educate parents about the importance of education and to ensure that they send female members to teach. at school, ”he said.

He also said he would ensure that female teachers did their job regularly.

Karishma Kanwal, a female councilor from Jamrud area and an MA student in Political Science, said she lived in the Ghundi area and would work to get the number of classrooms in the local girls’ school extended to higher enrollment.

“Education is important for girls in the nation, especially those who are unable to go to school due to lack of funds,” she said.

Ms Karishma and Ms Somiya also pledged to ensure the provision of quality health care to women in their area.

Speaking with the Awami National Party, Ms Kanwal also expressed the desire to establish a skills development center for the women of Jamrud to make them financially independent.

Ms Rakhmiya Bibi, a senior Loe Shalman local councilor in Landi Kotal, criticized members of the national parliament for ‘misconduct’ and accused them of resorting to alliances during the distribution and waste of development funds.

I will give them [current MNAs and MPAs] a difficult time by running in the next election, ”he said.

Ms Rakhmiya lamented that many seriously ill people as well as many pregnant women had lost their lives due to the lack of access to health care in their departments.

“There is no hospital in the Loe Shalman area, so we transfer most of the female patients to a hospital in the Landi Kotal or Peshawar district headquarters,” she said.

Ms Zakira Bibi, a councilor for Landi Kotal, said her daughter dropped out of school as there was no girls’ college in her area.

He said he had always wanted to see his daughter get an education like his sons, but that dream could not be realized as most districts do not have girls’ colleges.

The councilor says he wants to get money to prepare for the marriages of poor and needy girls, especially orphans.

Ms Zahrun Nissa of the Kamarkhel area of ​​Bara called water shortages a major issue for local women and said she would try to achieve water schemes in all areas.

He says fetching water from the head in remote areas has negatively affected the health of these women and wasted their time.

Women councilors say they will only work for women’s development after the LG system is operational and given enough funding.

Published Parhlo, May 3, 2022

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