Maryam rubbishes Imran’s claim of conspiracy, says no letter exists – Pakistan


PML-N vice-president Maryam Nawaz on Friday dismissed allegations by former prime minister Imran Khan that “an external conspiracy” had been hatched to overthrow his government, saying the letter described by the PTI head as evidence “was non-existent”.

Speaking at a public rally in Fateh Jang, Attock, Maryam said Imran had “lost his sanity” after losing his temper due to a motion of no confidence.

He accused the former prime minister of “repeatedly changing his story” about the plot, saying he first said the letter was received in March and just the other day revealed that he had known the conspiracy since July. [last year]”.

Maryam asked Imran by raising his name and crying at his exit, reminding him of his earlier statements in which he said he was glad the opposition party had submitted a motion of no confidence. “Now that the no-confidence motion has been successful, people should ask Imran why he is opposed.

Imran, who was fired on April 10 on a motion of no confidence by the opposition, sparked controversy two weeks before his dismissal when, at a rally, he wrote a letter, claiming he had “evidence of” external conspiracy “. he tried to overthrow his government.

Imran’s allegation that the US was leading his exit from power was based on a received message from Pakistan’s US Ambassador to the US, Asad Majeed, in which the envoy reported on a meeting with Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Affairs Donald Lu.

The Pentagon and the State Department have repeatedly denied the allegations, saying there is no truth in them.

Later, the National Security Committee (NSC), which includes all service chiefs and the head of Pakistan’s top intelligence agency, held two meetings to discuss the matter.

The first meeting on March 31, chaired by the then prime minister, Imran Khan, decided to remove “a strong border” from a country that did not specify what it called “clear interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs”. It also called the intervention “unacceptable under any circumstances” and said the language used in communication was not ambassador.

While the forum had ceased to call for interference at the time, another NSC meeting was held on April 22 with newly elected prime minister Shehbaz Sharif, and included the same military chiefs who attended the 31 March session.

After its second meeting, the NSC report said it “discussed the telegram received by the former Pakistani ambassador to the US” and “reaffirmed the decisions of the last NSC meeting” but went on to say that it found no evidence of foreign conspiracy.

In a statement today, Maryam said Imran’s government was backed by “sticks” that were about to fall.

The PML-N leader slammed the former PM’s president for his plan to strike in Islamabad, saying Imran’s main goal was to save Farah Khan – a close friend of his wife Bushra Bibi – from whom the National Accountability Bureau had started a “asset”. beyond the question.

“As soon as Imran saw the impending success of the no-confidence motion, he paved the way for Pharaoh to leave the country within a day.

He asked why Pharaoh was leaving the country if his real estate business was flourishing and prosperous in this country, as Imran had said. He said Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah would take steps to bring the woman to the country to face allegations of corruption.

The PML-N has accused Imran and the PTI government of using Farah as their “main man” in exchange for bribes on various projects on behalf of the people in power.

Maryam also alleges that Imran was more upset that Shehbhaz was becoming prime minister than he was.

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