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ISLAMABAD: Social media has been the main source of conflict between political parties in recent years, and after a Twitter encounter where they were releasing the hashtag after the hashtag day and night, the ‘war’ has now spread to another social media platform.

On TikTok, the hashtag of Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf’s (PTI), “koomat namanzoor imported” reached a record 933 million views while on Twitter, this same hashtag boasted more than 100 million tweets last week of April.

TikTok is the largest video sharing platform in the world that has not been taken seriously by major political parties to date. That is, until PTI fans take it by storm.

Taking the view of watching pro-PTI videos on TikTok, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz recently held a meeting with her party’s media team.

Announcing the meeting on Twitter, PML-N tweeted: “The PML-N tiktokers team met with PMLN leader Maryam Nawaz in Jati Umra,” indicating that the group had pulled out a group of media outlets dedicated to video sharing. app only.

Social media expert Muhammad Imran, who has received extensive training in medium in China, believes in the great popularity gained by PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari during his ‘Awami March’ party in Islamabad and the shocking response to TikTok in recent PTI activities. Chairman Imran Khan shocked their political opponents.

“PTI should be commended for making PML-N and PPP shift their focus to social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter,” said Mr Imran, adding, “But these platforms have a high level of barriers and functions. TikTok is therefore a good choice to share anything and everything with PPP and PTI. ”

He added that PPP’s ‘Awami March’ received little coverage from the mainstream media and a similar trend was seen on popular social media platforms, while at TikTok, the hashtag #longmarch recorded 83.2m views and #PPPlongmarch 32m.

The PTI clearly has a limit on all political parties in the social media, not just for its employees, but also for its support base. While Imran Khan was prime minister, many hashtags launched by his party crossed the 77m watching TikTok. Some hashtags even saw huge numbers unexpectedly, including #pmimrankhan with over 264m viewers, #imrankhan with 580m, while #ImportedHukoomatNamanzoor ”(in Urdu) had 933m views in the last week of April.

The head of the PTI news team, Dr Arsalan Khalid, also expressed surprise and said the numbers on TikTok were obtained by accident and his team could not be held responsible for the success.

“We were very focused on the urban community and some people shared funny videos that could further our party’s agenda, but it also aroused interest among TikTokers, raising the views of millions,” he added.

To monitor this development, Maryam Nawaz held a meeting with her close assistant and MPA Sania Ashiq to discuss the matter, and Atif Rauf, the illegal head of the PML-N newsgroup, was tasked with forming a separate TikTok group only.

On April 22, TikTok’s PML-N team, led by Saud Butt, announced the launch of a short video sharing platform. After taking the stage in April 2020, Mr. Butt has so far more than 1.9m fans and his videos have fallen to 94m.

This time, a senior official at TikTok in Dubai told It was morning in response to the question that although the entertainment platform, all forms of content were allowed to be posted as long as they did not violate the Community Guidelines.

Published Parhlo, May 3, 2022

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