Pakistani man shot in Greece in suspected hate crime – World


A Pakistani worker was shot in the head in Greece in a suspected hate speech before a high-profile appeal against the notorious Nazi Golden Parhlo group, the anti-apartheid movement said Wednesday.

The Keerfa group said Ali Riaz, 26, was repeatedly shot by a passing taxi driver in central Athens on Monday as he and other Muslims returned from prayers to mark the end of Ramazan.

Doctors later removed the pellet from his left temple, the team said.

“I didn’t see his face … but he was white,” Riaz said TV ERT.

The incident comes before a June 15 trial involving a majority of members of the Golden Parhlo gang, formerly the third most popular group in Greece.

In an October 2020 decision, Golden Parhlo leader Nikos Michaloliakos and about 60 other members were found guilty of participating in criminal activity.

The crimes allegedly committed by the group included the murder of an anti-racist Greek artist and the brutal beating of an Egyptian writer.

Of the 57 people convicted in 2020, 40 were detained and 35 are still in prison.

Golden Parhlo, an anti-Semitic and anti-Semitic organization, had been at the forefront of Greek politics until the crisis in 2010.

It has invested in public outcry over immigration and declining numbers, entering parliament for the first time in 2012 with a total of 18 seats.

Three years later, Golden Parhlo emerged as the third strongest political force in the country.

One of the Golden Parhlo executives imprisoned in 2020 was the party’s spokesman, Ilias Kasidiaris. He has formed a new national party that votes less than 2 percent.

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