How to Pay or Check E-Challan Lahore online


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The E-Challan program aims to enhance the efficiency of the collection of traffic fines and ease the burden on the user. In addition to this, it also serves as a tool for generating revenue for the city. It is hoped that it will help users to pay their traffic fines on time and ease the workload of the CTP.

E-challan is an electronic traffic ticketing system that will greatly assist in improving traffic safety on streets by detecting offenders and issuing them tickets without having to wait in long queues. These tickets can be paid for online with ease.

The Electronic Challan (E-challan) is a digital form of traffic challans, which are used to inform motorists of the fine and penalty for breaking traffic rules. The challan is sent to the violator’s registered address via e-mail and SMS, containing the information regarding Traffic Rules that are violated along with the pictures of the Car at the violating spot.

People who commit traffic violations usually end up paying a fine in one way or another. In case the violator has moved from their previous residence to the new location, they are required to update their vehicle registration documents. If the fine is issued by the municipality through an e-challan system, the violator will need to update their driving license.

Check E-Challan

The e-Challan sends to the person violating the rules an alert from the car with the number of the vehicle.

It can be tough to check out the challan if the name on the card is different than what was shown in the picture.

Sometimes the challan didn’t reach the correct one due to technical issues. This can be a major problem when people don’t know that their bank account has been charged.

PSCA Website

E challan can be checked on the PSCA website

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in your car License plate and CNIC number.
  3. Fill The reCAPTCHA section
  4. Click on Search

If there is any challan on you it will appear there.

PSCA app

You can also check Challan using the PSCA app.

 1. Download PSCA App on your mobile.

 2. Fill out The Required Information in the App.

 All challans will appear (if there are) on the App

Pay E-Challan (Lahore)

Apparently, there is no way to pay an E-Challan Online But in the future, it is hoped that it will be available. you can pay challan by 

Printing Challan and Paying it at any Punjab Bank’s Branch.


If you have a bank account you can pay it using ATM

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