Pemra warns TV channels from airing content that ‘casts aspersions’ against army, judiciary – Pakistan


The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulation Authority on Monday issued orders and warned the private media to broadcast the content against the armed forces and the court.

“It has been observed that TV broadcasts cover issues such as criticism of state institutions ie armed forces and the judiciary,” the instructions said, adding that the distribution of such content violated Pemra’s laws, provisions of Pemra Electronic Media (Programs. And Advertising) Code of Conduct 2015 and and rules set by the courts.

The watchdog guidelines state that while freedom of speech and expression are fundamental rights, they are subject to the “appropriate restrictions” imposed by law on Islamic purposes, integrity, security or protection of Pakistan, friendly relations with foreign countries, civil society. Order, dignity or good conduct, or in connection with contempt of court or incitement to crime.

The directives stated that in compliance with Pemra’s laws and regulations, any licensed entity must comply with its own code of conduct and regulations and appoint an internal monitoring committee to ensure compliance.

The content of the programs and advertisements that are broadcast or broadcast by the media or user of the broadcasting service must also comply with the applicable laws and regulations set out in the regulations.

“The licensed person will ensure that no content is distributed that is offensive to the court or to the armed forces of Pakistan,” the instructions said.

Furthermore, licensees must ensure that proceedings in sub-judicial matters are to be disseminated “informatively” and “handled impartially” and that no content should be disseminated that would interfere with the establishment of any tribunal.

“In addition, all satellite TV channels are instructed to ensure that a time delay system is set up and that an impartial and independent editorial board is set up … to ensure that their platform is not used by anyone to say something derogatory. You are speaking in any way against any government institutions, “Pemra ordered.

Alternatively, it warned that legal action under the appropriate rules would be followed in the event of any violations.

It is worth mentioning here that the Federal Investigation Agency on Sunday was accused Bol Anchorperson Sami Ibrahim “became involved in spreading false information about government institutions” and began investigating him.

“He made allegations in an attempt to incite the military to revolt. He has tried to create unrest in Pakistan through the media while living abroad,” the guard said.

The military has also taken a “strong stand” by “consolidation and deliberate attempts” to draw its name from the country’s ongoing political rhetoric by “other political leaders, journalists and analysts”, according to a report released by Inter Services Public Relations. Sunday.

The military news agency noted that efforts to engage the armed forces and their supreme leadership in political dialogue “have been exposed directly, indirectly or explicitly by political leaders, a few journalists and analysts on various social forums and forums, including.”

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