PM Shehbaz arrives in UAE for condolence visit on way back from London – Pakistan


Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has urged the United Arab Emirates to extend condolences on the death of former president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a state PTV report said.

The prime minister makes a brief visit to the wealthy Gulf nation on his return from the United Kingdom after a sick UAE president died Friday. The late Sheikh Khalifa’s brother, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, was elected yesterday to replace him.

According to PTV, PM Shehbaz today will offer his condolences to the newly elected UAE President, Sheikh Mohamed on the death of the late president.

On Saturday, the Foreign Office released a statement saying the Prime Minister would extend his “deepest sympathy and sympathy to the leadership, government and people of Pakistan”.

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Describing Pakistan-UAE ties as “intimate fraternal relations”, the Foreign Office said under Sheikh Khalifa’s leadership, relations between Pakistan and the UAE “measured new heights”.

“She was a good friend of Pakistan,” the report said. “His invaluable contribution will be remembered for a long time by the Government and the people of Pakistan.”

Together with the brothers in the UAE, Pakistan has declared a three-day fast period from May 13-15, with the national flag at half-mast.

Death of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed died Friday, the UAE Minister of State for Affairs announced. He was also the ruler of the Abu Dhabi emirate.

“The Minister of State for the Presidency mourns the loss of the people of the UAE, the Arab and Muslim nations and the world at the death of the late President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who died on Friday,” the department said in a statement. giving more details.

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Khalifa, who was born in 1948, has not been seen in public since he suffered a stroke in 2014 and his brother Abu Dhabi, Prince Mohamed bin Zayed, better known as MBZ, became the United States-allied UAE governor, Opec. oil producer.

“The UAE has lost its good son and leader of the ’empowerment level’ and the custodian of its blessed journey,” MbZ said on Twitter, praising the wisdom and generosity of the Caliph.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed has elected the president of the UAE

The following day (Saturday), Sheikh Mohamed was elected president. Sheikh Mohamed was appointed by the Federal Supreme Council, the WAM news agency said, and became the ruler of an oil-rich country founded by his father in 1971.

Sheikh Mohamed, often referred to as the ‘MBZ’, met with members of the Federal Executive Council, made up of seven UAE emirate directors, as the oil-rich country enters a period of mourning for his brother Sheikh Khalifa.

His rise, which was widely expected, officially established his position as the leader of a 10-million-strong desert country after years of calling while Sheikh Khalifa was sidelined by ill health.

Under his lower leadership, the United Arab Emirates placed a man in space, sent a mission to Mars and launched its first nuclear weapon, while using its oil-funded oil to develop a more secure foreign policy.

PM Shehbaz congratulated Sheikh Mohamed on his appointment as president.

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