PM Shehbaz says ’emergency relief measures’ underway in cholera-hit Pir Koh – Pakistan


Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday said emergency measures “continued” for hours after the media reported he had noticed a cholera outbreak in the Dera Bugti district of Pir Koh tehsil.

Pir Koh tehsil has been the scene of a late cholera outbreak, with health officials saying a lack of access to drinking water. Six people were killed, leading to protests.

PM Shehbaz took to Twitter to announce that the situation was “closely monitored” and that the coalition government would increase support and assistance in Balochistan.

In advance, Pakistan Radio It said the prime minister – who is expected to return later today after a visit to London and the UAE – had issued directives to provide food, clean drinking water and other assistance to those affected while ensuring the provision of medicines.

The development came a day after Pir Koh residents held a rally and held a residence due to a lack of clean drinking water and a dramatic increase in the number of cholera cases.

People lined the streets, carrying banners and placards with their petitions, chanting anti-government and local government slogans, before finally holding a sit-in and blocking the road to the gas station.

Local elders of the area commenting on the event say there is an outbreak of diarrhea due to the lack of clean drinking water in Pir Koh. “We have no choice but to drink dirty water from the ponds and the animals,” they said.

People have been protesting for the past two days, but no action has been taken so far to provide clean drinking water, they lamented, adding that about a dozen people, including children, have lost their lives to cholera so far in Pir Koh tehsil.

However, health officials have confirmed the deaths of six so far.

“Six people, including three young children, died of cholera in Pir Koh,” said Balochistan health secretary Mohammad Saleh Nasar.

He said teams of doctors and medical staff have reached the affected areas with the required medications. Besides, the treatment camp was set up by the health department to treat the affected people, he said.

Dera Bugti District Health Officer (DHO) Dr Azam Bugti told yesterday that the number of cholera patients had risen to 2,577, noting that 210 young people were infected.

Also yesterday, Senator Sarfraz Bugti of the Balochistan Awami Party urged the authorities to declare a state of emergency in Pir Koh, monitor the situation and lend aid to the victims, and finalize water supply schemes. He objected to the official death toll.

Balochistan Prime Minister Abdul Quddus Bizenjo recently received an additional $ 300 million to expedite the completion of water supply projects in the Dera Bugti district. In a meeting with provincial adviser Nawabzada Ghuram Bugti, he discussed the solution to the water crisis in various parts of the Dera Bugti district.

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