PML-N delegation takes guidance from Nawaz in London on handling of PTI’s planned march – Pakistan


Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah on Thursday said PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif during a meeting with senior London leaders had issued instructions on how to handle the planned PTI march to Islamabad.

Speaking to the media and other party leaders after the meeting, Sanaullah said: “Mian Nawaz Sharif led us into chaos. [the PTI wants to commit] and people planning to reunite them in Islamabad. But because this is a unity government, we will put this matter (march) in the cabinet and it will be decided that we will not allow them to come. [to Islamabad] And forget about 2 million, you won’t get 20 people.

It is worth mentioning here that PTI chairman Imran Khan plans to go to the polls later this month to put pressure on the government to call new elections.

Sanaullah has criticized the PTI, saying its chairman Imran Khan will not be allowed to spread “chaos” in the country and there will be “tolerance” shown against those who violate the Constitution.

When asked if Imran would be arrested on charges of equating military commander with “Mir Jafar”, Sanaullah said all legal requirements would be met and arrests would be made.

The interior minister also spoke in an Inter-Services Public Relations report from today, dismissing “vague comments” made by senior national politicians against Peshawar Corps Commander Lt Gen Faiz Hameed, and said the PML-N struggle with Nakaz was. for the same purposes of “institutions that do not participate in politics and are not drawn into politics”.

“We are very encouraged to have lawyers and other institutions [are staying away from] in politics. Opinions against them are wrong and we will defend ourselves, ”Sanaullah said.

Asked if corruption cases would be included in the PTI, he said: “Debts are a very small matter. [Instead], their uncleanness will be exposed. What they have done over the past 3.5 years and the people will be revealed. ”

The interior minister said the meeting discussed early elections and the decision so far was for the government to complete its term, but said, “this decision is not in the hands of the PML-N but in our forum. The leaders of the coalition parties.”

He acknowledged that the PML-N previously had a clear mandate for early elections, but this decision was not an isolated one. Sanaullah said a review of the elections would be held and another way to represent the people of Pakistan overseas would also be found.

Asked about PML-N’s return to Pakistan, Sanaullah said Nakaz would return “at any cost” and wanted more.

Today was the second rally of PML-N and Nakaz leaders. At their first meeting yesterday they introduced him to “serious economic, constitutional and administrative crises inherited by the current government”.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb said the conference reviewed the steps taken by the government since taking office last month and considered measures to save the community from inflation and power outages.

The government group has expressed its views on future measures on economic realities, the report said.

The visit marked the first meeting of the Sharif brothers personally since March 2020.

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