Prices of food items at utility stores rise as Ramazan relief package ends – Business


Prices of various food items, including pulses, cooking oil and gram powder, have risen in convenience stores around the world as the government’s Ramazan Relief Package comes to an end.

According to a new price list released by the Utility Stores Corporation (USC) on Saturday, the R10 per kilogram discount offered on dal mash and dal moong has been refunded while the price of gram flour increased by Rs20 per kilogram.

New prices for convenience stores:

  • Dal Mash: Rs270 per kg (increased by R10)
  • Dal moong: R170 per kg (increased by R10)
  • USC Gram Powder: R190 per kilogram (increased by R20)
  • USC dates: Rs80 per 500gm (increased by Rs10)
  • New Bru 475gm tea: Rs442 (increased by Rs23)
  • New Bru 950gm tea: Rs846 (increased by Rs47)
  • Dalda Cooking Oil 5 liters: Rs2,155 (increased by R100)
  • Habib cooking oil one liter: Rs400 (increased by Rs20)
  • Meezan Cooking Oil 1×5 liter pack: Rs402 (increased by Rs20)
  • Eva Cooking Oil (1×5) liter pillow: Rs410 (increased by R20)
  • Tullo Cooking Oil 5 liter can: Rs1,990 (increased by R100)
  • Yellow label 380gm: Rs479 (increased by Rs19)
  • Lipton Yellow 475gm label: Rs575 (increased by Rs24)
  • High Tea 495gm: Rs525 (increased by Rs24)
  • Tapal Danedar Tea 450gm: Rs545 (increased by Rs22)

USC had launched its aid package in early April.

This volume was funded by 19 key components, including wheat flour, sugar, ghee, rice, cooking oil, pulses, white gram, dates, tetra pack milk, tea, spices and gram powder. In addition, USC also offers significant discounts on more than 1,500 products.

Under the aid package, a 20kg bag of wheat was available for Rs800, sugar for Rs70 per kg and ghee for R170 per kg. Support for black tea was Rs50 per kilogram, oil Rs20 per liter, pulses from R15 to Rs30 per kilogram, white gram Rs25 per kilogram, R20 days for rice and Rs10-12 per kilogram of rice.

Funding for squashes and syrups ranges from Rs20-25, Rs20 per liter for UHT milk and 10 percent for spices.

The aid package was implemented nationally at more than 4,800 service stores, USC said at the time.

Later in the month, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif also announced a relief package in Ramazan, where a 10kg bag of wheat flour will be available for Rs400 compared to its previous price of Rs550.

In addition, sugar can be obtained for Rs70 per kg.

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