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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf has questioned the validity of the report of the Electoral Commission of the Pakistani review committee regarding foreign funding for the party.

PTI lawyer Anwar Mansoor Khan, while addressing a panel of three ECP members, led by Chief Electoral Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja, said the committee’s report shared on January 4 was incorrect. He also screened a list of 45,000 US-based PTI providers. This list has been rejected by the review committee as dishonest.

It is noteworthy that the original list of PTI sponsors released on the US Department of Justice website includes 349 companies and 88 foreign nationals.

The Counsel stated that the complainant did not challenge the documents submitted by the PTI to defend itself. The report, however, indicates that the complainant submitted a detailed 100-page report which was attached to the evaluation committee report. The perusal report prepared by two Chartered Accountants – Arsalan Vardak and Mohammad Sohaib – and submitted on July 13, 2021 to the ECP, was based on documents submitted by PTI.

The audit was conducted on the accounts of four PTI employees who were authorized to receive donations

A review report showed an illegal PTI funding of up to R2.2 billion, including account confidentiality, foreign funding and foreign companies.

Anwar Mansoor also claims that the 11 PTI accounts were not used by the PTI central office.

According to page 92 of the ECP evaluation committee report, PTI disclosed only two accounts of each bank in the audit reports for the 2008-12 financial year and four for the 2013 financial year.

However, a report from the State Bank of Pakistan indicated that PTI hid five accounts in 2008, seven in 2009, 13 in 2010, 14 in 2011, and 14 in 2012-13 .

PTI also alleged that all those who opened, operated and received donations from these accounts did so without authority “as these individuals were not authorized by the competent authorities to open these bank accounts” and “bank accounts were run without permission to open these accounts. PTI financial board information ”.

The list of people accused of illegally operating on these accounts, according to the PTI written response before the ECP, included former Speaker of Parliament Asad Qaiser, former KP governor Shah Farman, former Sindh governor Imran Ismail, Mian Mahmud-ur- Rasheed, deceased Ahsan Rasheed, Samar Ali Khan and Najeeb Haroon.

The PTI Adviser also claims that the audit committee does not include a single accountant while including the Chief Accountant General Pakistan Revenues.

The interview was adjourned until May 17, when the PTI would continue its final negotiations.

Meanwhile, Akbar S. Babar has written a letter to Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, requesting an immediate investigation into the personal accounts of four PTI-paid employees authorized by the group to receive donations within Pakistan and abroad. The letter, a copy of which was sent to the prime minister, called for an urgent inquiry into the issue of national security.

Four PTI employees were authorized by the PTI Finance Board on July 1, 2011 to collect donations from their bank accounts on behalf of the group within Pakistan and abroad. A copy of the decision of the PTI Finance Board’s authorization is attached with the letter as proof.

Published on Parhlo, May 13, 2022

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