PTI’s Shahbaz Gill injured in car crash on motorway, says it was a ‘murder attempt’ – Pakistan


PTI leader and former special aide to the prime minister of political communications, Dr Shahbaz Gill, sustained minor injuries along with three other people in a car crash on the M-2 Motorway near the Khanqah Dogran interchange, Sheihupura, on Thursday, a police spokesman on the roads. he said.

The incident, which Gill later said was an attempt to kill him, happened when a speeding vehicle crashed into his car from behind.

“Four people [Gill’s] The vehicle sustained minor injuries, ”a police spokesman said in a statement.

Gill, the former prime minister, Imran Khan, the chief of staff, was on his way to Islamabad from Lahore when the incident happened.

Gill calls beating ‘murder attempt’

In a statement on Twitter after the incident, Gill said the car accident was actually “trying to kill” him.

“I want to tell those who have attacked me, I live because of the Almighty and the prayers of my people. My car was chased and deliberately crashed. This was done under plot.”

He recalled his speech yesterday, saying: “I just said the other day that the only thing you can do is kill us. Do it. But, I’m not going to betray you. [my cause]. “

The PTI leader said the “local authorities” – who, according to him, were part of an external plot to overthrow the PTI government – knew that Imran Khan and his allies would not keep the mother. “They will make every effort to silence us.”

Gill said he was standing with Imran and would stay with him and said the same things would “attack” Imran.

“God willing, we will expose everyone,” he said.

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