Real Madrid stun Manchester City in extra time to reach Champions League final – Sport


Karim Benzema received an extra-time penalty as Real Madrid unleashed another surprise return to the Champions League to beat Manchester City 3-1 on Wednesday and book their match against Liverpool in the final.

City looked confident they would pass when Riyad Mahrez put them ahead 1-0 and 5-3 on aggregate but Rodrygo, as a substitute, scored twice, his goals in the 90th and 91st minutes sending extra time. .

With City stunned, Real Madrid suffered a blow as Benzema won and then converted a kick to snatch a 6-5 victory combined, with another spectacular fight at the Santiago Bernabeu added to the long list of European magic clubs. night.

By this time of the year, Madrid had already made the most of the rescue efforts to beat Paris Saint-Germain in the last 16 of the match against Chelsea in the quarter-finals, but, given the poles and how close they were to winning, this one was definitely against Manchester City. the most amazing.

With PSG and Chelsea ahead of them, the City will wonder how they came out on top in a game we controlled so much and there will be a new re-examination of coach Pep Guardiola, who, in all his successes, goes another year without leading the City to European glory. they are very eager.

City’s collapse was almost clear if we were against anyone other than Real Madrid, who advanced to their last 17 game in the competition. They won against Liverpool far from lifting the 14th European Cup.

“Another magical night from the kings of Europe,” reads a banner placed on the podium on the other side before the start of the game but most of the time, the game failed to reach seven points at the Etihad Stadium last week. .

Real Madrid had become more independent at the time, Benzema was given a few tough chances that only he, who he is now in, can expect to change. Instead, he looked over and shot up.

In between, Luke Modric and Rodri argued over Casemiro’s challenge after City moved forward, pressing Madrid to make mistakes as Kevin De Bruyne beat Thibaut Courtois from a distance before the goalkeeper responded tactfully to Bernardo Silva.

Real Madrid survived and then improved before the break, Modric causing a roar of satisfaction as he pulled De Bruyne across the counter.

Perhaps their best chance came in the first few seconds as Dani Carvajal found the bottom spot on the right but Vinicius Junior shot wide wide in the back.

City were behind as Modric opened the scoring in the box but a lack of motivation made his decision difficult. Kyle Walker’s soft pass freed Casemiro but Vinicius the weaver could not find a way out.

Mahrez beats

Injuries to Walker look at Madrid’s speed and when the game regained its rhythm, City beat, passing Ilkay Gundogan through the center of Madrid and found Silva, who danced to the edge of the box.

Silva stopped to shoot but instead turned the ball to the right of Mahrez, who was hitting hard, just before and after Courtois.

Modric went and with Croatian seems to go one of Madrid’s beliefs.

Jack Grealish, as a substitute, could have made two in the City but somehow Ferland Mendy canceled the line, before another Grealish bullet flashed over the post.

It felt useless because Madrid looked dead and buried but somehow, out of nowhere, they found a way back.

It was the 90th minute when Benzema hit a shiny ball to Rodrygo on a nearby goal and the excitement of the score was slightly higher than that of the stadium announcer then saying it would be six minutes into extra time.

Madrid needed only one as a City, so long together and organized, suddenly distributed and all that was needed was for Carvajal to cross the box, where Rodrygo could enter.

When the game resumed, Madrid came out strong and even four minutes later, they were penalized, and Benzema fell on the exhausted leg, with Ruben Dias’ lungs before disregarding City’s attempts to disrupt the kicking corner.

City pushed as Fernandinho came just in the back post when Courttois came out. A slow flick from the Dias to the box floated harmlessly in Courtois’ hands, the City’s last attempt failed.

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