Taliban supreme leader orders women to wear burqa in public: decree – World


Afghanistan’s top leader and king of the Taliban on Saturday ordered the country’s women to wear a burka in public – the strongest regime in women’s lives since the Taliban took power.

“They should wear a chadori (head to toe burqa) as usual and respectful, said a decree issued by Haibatullah Akhundzada issued by the Taliban authorities at a ceremony in Kabul.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Environment and Prevention of Vice read the law, stating that the father of a woman or a close male relative would be visited and eventually detained or fired from public services if he did not cover his face outside the home. .

Added the appropriate face mask was a green burqa that included everything.

Earlier this year, Taliban religious police posted posters around Kabul ordering Afghan women to cover up.

The poster, which included a picture of a burqa covering his face, was hit in cafes and shops by the Minister for the Promotion of Justice and Vice-Prevention.

Since returning to power in August, the Taliban have reduced their freedom – especially those of women and girls.

“According to Sharia law, Muslim women are required to wear the hijab,” the poster reads.

In Kabul, women are already covering their hair with headscarves, although some are wearing modest western clothes.

With the exception of the capital, the burqa, which became mandatory for women under the first Taliban regime in the 1990s, remains widespread.

The Taliban have also announced a number of restrictions, including asking Afghan television stations to stop showing dramas and soap operas by female actors.

Last year, Taliban authorities said women who wanted to travel for nothing but short distances should not be given a vehicle unless accompanied by a close male relative.

The directive, issued by the Office of the Minister for Virtue Promotion and Vice Prevention, also asked all vehicle owners to provide a ride only for those women wearing the hijab.

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