Teenage girl kidnapped in chaos after Karachi’s Saddar blast, say police – Pakistan


KARACHI: A girl, who went missing during a riot and confusion caused by a bomb blast in Saddar on Thursday night, is now believed to have been abducted, according to police.

The girl was being escorted by her mother when the victim exploded and killed the boy who passed by without injuring ten other people and damaging property, especially vehicles.

Preedy police have registered a kidnapping FIR against unknown suspects in the complaint of the missing girl’s brother, Yasir.

Police say a 15-year-old girl went to Bohri Bazaar to go shopping with her mother. They were returning home and passing Daud Pota Road when the explosion occurred.

The mother lost consciousness as a result of the explosion, and when she regained consciousness, her daughter was gone. He looked for her but did not find her.

South-SSP Asad Raza said a teenage girl went missing in a riot after the explosion.

He said police had registered a kidnapping case, and with the help of a video camera, tried to search for the girl.

The currency exchange employee is robbed

The company’s driver, Naseeb Razik, 48, was shot and wounded during a robbery when he set up a protest near Regent Plaza in Sharea Faisal on Friday night, police said on Saturday.

He was taken to the nearby Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center where his condition was pronounced stable.

South-SSP Asad Raza said six suspects riding three motorcycles hijacked a car in a large Sharea Faisal, stole UAE money worth more than R5 million and injured Naseeb due to resistance.

A senior official said the injured man was the driver of a factory on Shaheed-i-Millat Road.

He had taken foreign currency from a money changer on II Chundrigar Road inside the remit of Mithadar police station.

Police suspect the robbers were chasing him from there. As they approached the Regent Plaza, the motorcyclists approached the front of the car and tried to stop. As the driver did not stop the vehicle, the armed robbers opened fire on him, forcing him to stop. The company driver had bullet wounds to his waist. The SSP said police were convinced the robbers had ‘inside information’.

Investigators had cordoned off the area to identify and apprehend the suspects. SSP Raza regrets that the factory owner sent his operator to exchange large foreign currency without security guards.

Published Parhlo, May 15, 2022

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