Top 10 Novels By Nimra Ahmad


We are delighted to have you here, Dear Readers. We shared a list of the Top 10 Urdu Novels by Nimra Ahmad. 

We all know that Nimra Ahmad has written many romance, love, historical and religious novels. You will find morality in every Nimra Ahmad novel. She is a passionate writer on ethics, moral values, and faith. You are here because you want to find the best Nimra Ahmad novel. Scroll down to see the Top 10 Urdu Novels of Nimra Ahmad.

Top 10 Urdu Novels by Nimra Ahmad

Nimra Ahmed’s beautiful and impressive writing abilities have made her famous. The top 10 Urdu Novels of Nimra Ahmad are:

  1. Iblees By Nimra Ahmad
  2. Mere Khawab mere Jugnu
  3. Mushaf By Nimra Ahmad
  4. Saans Sakin Thi
  5. Beli Rajputan Ki Malika
  6. Pahari Ka Qaidi
  7. Haalim by Nimra Ahmed
  8. Jannat Kay Pattay By Nimra Ahmad
  9. Paraas by Nimra Ahmad
  10. Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal

Best Novels By Nimra Ahmad

Iblees By Nimra Ahmed

Urdu Novel Iblees is written by Nimra Ahmad and has 24 pages. The name of the novel is Iblees. As We all know, iblees is Satan “Shaitan” This story tells the tale of shaitan’s life and work. The writer also pictures how Iblees’s sins are compared to the sins of others.

Mere Khawab Mere Jugnu By Nimra Ahmed

Mere Khawab Mere Jugnu by Nimra Ahmad is a socio-romantic novel that is one of the most famous novels of Nimra. The romance and trust that underpins the story of Mere Khawab Mere Jugnu by Nimra Ahmad are what drives this novel. 


Mushaf Urdu Novel is a fictional adventure and religious story about a woman who reads QURAN and finds hope in her dark life.

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Sans Sakin Thi Nimra Ahmad

Nimra Ahmad wrote Sans Sakin Thi Urdu Novel. This novel tells the story of a socio-romantic about a young girl working in Pakistan’s cricket board at Qadafi Stadium Lahore. This novel has a cricket touch that will satisfy your reading cravings. The Writer Nimra Ahmad also highlights various social issues in this novel.

Beli Rajputan ki Malika

This novel tells the story of Social and historical romance. The Novel is the story of a Rajput woman who loses her husband in an accident. She would never get far away from her husband’s house after her husband’s death. The novel portrays the true love between a Rajput woman and her husband. This story is about those who get completely dispirited with their lives.

Pahari Ka Qaidi by Nimra Ahmed

Pahari Ka Qaidi is a short Urdu novel that is only 38 pages. Pahari Ka Qaidi was first published by Shuaa Magazine. It quickly became a famous novel. You will discover a hidden message in Pahari Ka Qaida, by Nimra Ahmad. This story is a good choice if you are looking for a quick story.

Haalim Novel by Nimra Ahmed

Haalim by Nimra Ahmad Urdu novel is fiction adventurous and socio-romantic story that is one of the most popular novels of the century. This novel’s main theme is time travel. The setting of novel is in Malaysia. This novel revolves around two bodies: one is a politician, the other is a co-Artist.

Jannat Kay Pattay by Nimra Ahmad

The novel’s author Nimra Ahmad takes you from the mountains in Cappadocia to the India torture cells. Nimra Ahmad’s ending to the Jannat kay Pattay is truly remarkable.

Paras Novel By Nimra Ahmed

This novel is perfect for those who want something romantic and elegant. It’s written by Nimra Ahmad, the same author as Jannat k Pattay.

Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal By Nimra Ahmed

Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal by Nimra Ahmad is a novel about socio romance that is very popular among readers. Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal by Nimra Ahmad is a suspenseful and mysterious story.

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