US to work with Pakistan on border security, counterterrorism – Newspaper


WASHINGTON: Fighting terrorism and border security are two areas where the United States wants to continue working with Pakistan, says the United States Department of State.

Responding to a question about repatriating US security assistance to Pakistan, department spokesman Ned Price said in a news release on Wednesday that Washington wanted to continue its cooperation with Islamabad elsewhere.

“We value our bilateral relations. We want to continue working together in areas where we have the same interests as our Pakistani partners, ”he said. That includes the fight against terrorism. That includes border security. ”

Commenting on the view that the situation in Afghanistan has exacerbated terrorist attacks in Pakistan, Mr Price cited last month’s attack on the University of Karachi that killed three Chinese and a Pakistani man.

“Yes, at that time, we strongly condemned the terrorist attacks against the University of Karachi,” he said. “We reiterate that sentencing today.”

Mr Price said terrorist attacks anywhere are a mockery of society everywhere, “but terrorist attacks at a university, or in a religious place … – are a real threat to society”.

One reporter reminded him that the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) had recently recommended that India be added to the list of criminals and asked if that advice would be implemented.

“The USCIRF is an independent commission. It is not a public entity. It provides advice and guidance to the US government, ”replied Mr Price. It is something we look forward to as we examine the realities of religious freedom or its absence in the world. ”

Published Parhlo, May 6, 2022

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