Will not rest till perpetrators of KU suicide attack given exemplary punishment: Bilawal – Pakistan


Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari vowed on Saturday that the government would not rest until it provides “exemplary punishment” to suicide bombers at Karachi University earlier this month, in which four people were killed, including three Chinese nationals.

Speaking at a symposium in Islamabad, he said the country was shocked and saddened by the devastating loss.

“We strongly condemn this act of cowardice and will never forgive the enemies of Pakistan-China for a climate of strategic co-operation. Nor will we allow anyone to undermine our steel relationship. The commitment of the Chinese and Pakistanis to grow our bonds. The brotherhood will not be in vain.

Bilawal has promised that the authorities will do everything in their power to provide maximum security and ensure the security of the Chinese in Pakistan. “You are our guests and we are committed to ensuring your safety and comfort in our country.

“From the families of the victims, our entire nation is grieving. Although we cannot bring the dead back, we will not rest until we give them an example of punishing the perpetrators, ”he vowed.

The Foreign Minister said Pakistan-China relations are being tested over time and countries will face every challenge together and become stronger.

The suicide attack on Karachi University was carried out using Baloch rights “as a reason”, he said.

I know that every Pakistani is proud of our kindness and gives importance to caring for friends. We just don’t know this. [but] This is how we are known internationally. No Sindhi Pakistani or Baloch Pakistani can ever tolerate terrorism aimed at our guests. “

Lots to follow.

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