‘You are the Mir Jafar I talk about,’ Imran tells PM Shehbaz in Jhelum power show – Pakistan


PTI chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday made it clear that when referring to Mir Jafar in his speeches, he was referring to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, as he seemed to be denying that any institution is a reflection of the metaphor he always portrays.

Imran, while speaking at a public rally in Abbottabad on Sunday, told the stories of Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq. The former prime minister said that Sirajud Daula, the governor of the Mughal dynasty, had been conspiring with the British to overthrow the government. He linked the history of the betrayal with how he lost his government last month.

PM Shehbaz regarded Imran’s remarks as “defamatory” to state institutions and accused him of “conspiring against Pakistan”. In a speech to the National Assembly on Monday, he vowed to soften the blow and take action.

Imran, at the new PTI power show at Jhelum tonight, responded to PM Shehbaz ‘warning.

“Be ashamed Shehbaz Sharif. She is the Mir Jafar I am talking about,” Imran said.

‘Only the Army and the PTI keep the country from breaking up’

Imran also claims that the Pakistani Army and his party are the only two organizations that keep the country “fragmented” in the wake of allegations of false campaigns carried out by India.

He accused India of setting up “600 news houses”, which he said were used to spread anti-Pakistan news, especially against the military and his allies.

“Why is India targeting the military with Imran Khan? For only two [forces] That will keep the country united today, “Imran said, adding that it was an attempt by the country’s enemies to break it into” three pieces “.

He claimed that propaganda was being carried out against the two because “they (India) know that Pakistan will not be torn apart while the two remain together.”

Imran explained that the PTI, in particular, was targeted because it was the only “united party” in the country with representatives from all over the country. He said the PTI was the only group capable of holding “historic conventions” in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar for 10 days.

‘The whole cabinet goes to London with taxpayers’ money’

He said PM Shehbaz had formed a “good alliance and co-operation” with his older brother Nakaz Sharif, who claimed to be Imran, criticizing the army while PM Shehbaz was “polishing boots”.

Imran also criticized the prime minister’s decision to travel to London with PML-N members to meet with Nakaz. PTI chairman criticized Nakaz as “a fugitive” and a “prisoner” who called for “the whole cabinet in London”.

“The whole cabinet going to London is yours [tax] money – they will not spend their money, “he told his team staff and fans.

Imran said cabinet members would “take orders” from a person who “always runs away from the country whenever there is a problem”. That is why, says Imran, the nation stood up and decided that “this export policy is unacceptable.”

Coming to his march on Islamabad, the PTI chairman said he wanted the elderly, youth, women, children and families to take part in it. He has revised his estimate of the force, saying he has now risen to 2.5 million from 2m following his public relations.

He said the nation was “awake” and there would be one compulsion after his march, which would be a new election.

Imran later thanked his supporters, for what he said was a “turning record” at the Jhelum power show.

Chaudhry tells the ‘gatekeepers’ to do their job

Speaking before the PTI chairman, party leader Fawad Chaudhry called on “gatekeepers” to do their job and allow the country to go to the polls.

“Our country is our home and its owners are the people whose representative is you (Imran),” he said. “The decacoits have invaded this home and when the decacoits invade then the cowkidars cannot claim to be neutral.

“Jhelum wants chowkidars to do their job and to make elections. This is the only solution to the country’s problem. ”

He warned that if elections were not held, hundreds of thousands would be “ready to take matters into their own hands”.

“It is better for those who have a constitutional duty to take the notice of suo motu, and do so before the people do so,” Chaudhry apparently warned.

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